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You Can Invest Wisely Even When Things Are Bad

Nobody likes to hear bad news. I know I don`t. But I would much rather hear the truth than being pumped full of lies, no matter how alarming the fact may be.

As adults, if given the facts about any given situation, we can make our own decisions based on our beliefs and what is best for us individually.

None of us could have possibly foreseen what has happened to the world over the last several months, nor grasp the effects and fallout that are touching every person’s lives on the planet.

What is happening for one is happening for all, to one degree or the other.

As the world’s nations have become so interconnected and dependant on each other for many things, and world travel has become commonplace, the spread of this virus has moved at a record pace and reached us all.

While none of us know how long this worldwide virus will last, governments have no choice but to lock down its masses to keep hospitals and services from being overwhelmed and sending societies into chaos.

This is the driving reason behind the lockdowns and precautions, even if some governments were a bit late and many nations were found ill-prepared and caught off guard.


Things Will Not Just Bounce Right Back

What has already taken place cannot be undone by printing more money by governments, which they will continue to do. This is to prop up an economy that is headed to the lowest point seen in recent history.

All this will do is create temporary relief but ultimately, more inflation. This means that the money you do have will be less and less valuable and not provide for you nearly what it did previously.

invest wisely now

Knowledge And Information Is Essential 

Being positive is an excellent quality, but people need to come to grips with the reality that we will not just bounce back as though this was some minor blip on the radar screen of events that carry no lasting effects.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. However, this is something you will likely be told to believe from the local news channels, the government, or even most financial experts.

Again, preventing widespread panic and chaos is the driving force behind most of the information coming from the news, or it should be.

As if the mainstream media could be trusted to tell the truth anyway. Complete and accurate reporting went out the window years ago and is no longer their objective.


What is happening, and how are things going to be now?

What is happening is that millions of small businesses around the world are shut down and unable to run.

The average American business, for example, has approximately 27 days worth of available cash. Once that is used up, their company is effectively bankrupt, and because it could be weeks or months before they can open again, it will close indefinitely.

There will be an unprecedented number of bankruptcy cases never before seen. It is a small business that is the backbone of society and our economy.

To try and help keep people eating and living, Washington will continue to print money or maybe even create jobs with temporary government programs.

Again, this will only appear to be a solution to keep people calm and hopeful, but it is a bandaid at best. You cannot sustain the kind of debt we are now at, where your income is less than your outgo. Eventually, you are bankrupt.

Washington will print more money

Prepare for The Worst News, But Prepare In the Best Way

With fewer people working and draining all of the resources of governments, there will be far less revenue, and governments themselves will go bankrupt or create so much money that its value will become worthless.

The money people have diligently been saving up in the banks will be worth very little, and those who were counting on a government pension will learn that there is nothing there.

Unfortunately, we will now see all governments take more control of our lives and determine our fate as people look for help and handouts to fix this problem and return their lives to normal.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you need to understand that things are not going back to normal, nor will they ever be the way they were before 2020.

This may be very unpopular to many, and my intention is not to scare or put any black cloud over those who may be optimistic about the future.

I am not suggesting we all dig a tunnel and hide in it and wait to die.

But how can we even begin to solve any real problems if we do not first face the facts and reality of the severity and consequences of it?

With each passing day, more and more businesses will come to the end of their limited resources and face the realization that they no longer have one.

Those who thought they had job security will be abruptly told that their job is lost.

As this domino effect begins to fall across the nation and the world, expecting things to bounce back to normal is, quite honestly, naive at best.

What we will see more and more of is the absolute worst in people.

If this continues, crime and domestic violence will increase, marshal law will become commonplace to try and cut down on those looting grocery stores and farms. Many people will become angry and demand that government fix things.

politicians and truth

You Do Not Have To Panic

You mustn’t lose your cool during these difficult times, and it is of equal value that you do not listen to mainstream propaganda and follow the crowd as it just may lead you off the cliff.

A majority of opinions do not make them accurate, they are opinions, and we must consider the madness behind the message.

Governments have nothing to gain and everything to lose by being transparent and honest with their citizens right now.

Sure, we could go back and blame all the politicians who foolishly placed our country in trillions of dollars in debt for those who have made the government bigger and controlling. They have been taking away more freedoms and rights than we had, but it will do us little good now.

Get prepared to lose even more rights and freedoms in the coming months and years because that is exactly what will happen.

An economic downturn was already inevitable as no economy is without its ups and downs.

There are always times of plenty and times of want, bull markets, and bear markets.

But just as it was evident that we could be looking at a significant economic downturn, this worldwide pandemic knocked us off of our feet and has exasperated an already likely scenario of what will possibly dwarf the great depression in size and scope.

For most, if not all of us, life will drastically change from here on out.

But here is the kicker. In my opinion, those in the lowest income brackets and who are already struggling will bear the brunt of this. The rich will get richer from all of this, and you can take that to the bank.

The already fast-advancing AI technology and the replacement of humans with computers are going to kick into high gear, leaving many industries changed almost overnight.

Think about how Quick all of the Blockbuster video stores disappeared. Overnight! Netflix and digital took over, and Blockbuster ended up filing bankruptcy.

You Do Not Need A Hand Out

We must quit looking for someone to come riding in on a white horse and hand us what we want, and we must stop looking to governments to fix everything for us.

We also must use our brains and stop allowing 24/7 news to lead us around by the nose and tell us what they want us to hear instead of reporting all of the news in a responsible, transparent, and unbiased way.

Cause that ain`t going to happen!


(Invest in your future!)


What can we do?

  • Accept the truth and reality of the current situation.
  • Be realistic when considering what the fallout of this is and will create
  • Accept that things will not just return to normal.
  • Accept that you and I have to make some significant changes
  • Turn off the t.v. 24/7 biased news coverage
  • Love your family and remember what is most important
  • Pray- “the effective prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”
  • If you are not righteous, then get right. What is stopping you? (read Romans 10:9-11)
  • Do not run to the bank and take out all of your money
  • Get smart (non-mainstream) financial advice
  • Invest in essential things that will continue to earn money no matter what the economy does.
  • Love your neighbor as yourself (i cannot overstate the importance of this one). We need each other, and if we all become greedy, we will devour each other, which is foolish.
  • Give, and it will be given unto you ( all of the laws of God`s Universe are still laws and still apply to all no matter the situation.)

Before all of this happened, I came across an investment group that ran an investment fund in Europe and bucked the mainstream investment strategy. I made substantial money from wise and patient investments.


images of Bitcoin technology

The Future is Here

I am learning, and you can too.

Being someone with little to no investment experience, I signed up as an affiliate after learning a few basics and seeing the potential to earn money as an advertiser for them.

I did not expect how much I would learn from listening to their videos and reading through their content.

I was blown away by the wise, common-sense approach for investments based on detailed research and proven track records.

The icing on the cake, if you will, was that, unlike most investment advice you get, these folks are in the same boat as those they advise, and their livelihood and families depend on them making good, sound decisions.

I continue to learn and to be honest. It is somewhat comforting to know that I have such a remarkable opportunity to invest in my future apart from what this economy will do.

Their methods were correct before this pandemic and are spot on now.

One thing is for sure, we must plan now for our future, and more than ever, the decisions we make financially need to be the right ones if we intend to live a prosperous life.


This is not a get-rich-quick scheme nor a magic easy button to push and get a gold mine.


But if you want to know where to put your money so that it will be an asset in the coming economic bust, I would strongly encourage you to listen to what Capitalist Partners have to say.

Many are now coming to light and joining up as they see the apparent wisdom of what they are doing and how it can benefit them and their families.

You could permanently hide your money under the mattress, but soon the bed may be more valuable than the money you put under it.

These are not risky investments where you put your money in hopes and dreams! These are what intelligent people do with their money!

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5 thoughts on “You Can Invest Wisely Now! Find Out How!”

  1. I so agree with you, bouncing back from this economy is no small feat. Many people have already seen their investments become nothing. What you share in this post is excellent, because many will want to discover what are the options left now that we need to figure out where our money will go.

    The European place you talk about, are they still up for giving advice, as I will look at investing in the near future when getting back to some normalcy at least. 

  2. It’s a beautiful day when I learn more about investing and that is because I have been involved in lots of failed investments and sometimes I just stay back and keep the money to myself rather than take the risk of investing it. It’s true what you have said about investing and one thing I know affects people a lot is the get rich orientation we have about investing in some certain businesses. I have heard a bit about Capitalist Partners and seeing it in this article makes me more interested in learning about it. Thanks for sharing 

  3. Great article you have got there!

    In this time we are all depending on God because everything will not be the same after this pandemic. I am just praying for the end of this pandemic. Investment is not a bad idea now so I look at what the “capitalist partners” have to say.

    Thanks for this information.

  4. For any one who is confused on what to do, i think reading this article will give them some hope. thank you for sharing this.

    i totally agree that we should Invest in things that are essential and that will continue to earn money no matter what the economy does. this way we can be sure of returns.

  5. I have had lots of articles on how to invest wisely, but yours is the best I have seen so far. I love the fact that it talks about the effectiveness of prayer, the importance of being righteous and also the importance of giving, givers never lack it’s a true fact. But my question is coming from nthe number four point nod yours on what do I need to so. Does everyone really need to make this big changes? Especially for those who normally does online marketing system at home for a long time. It’s has been a norm, or rather what changes do you actually point out to?

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