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Last Update: July 10, 2019

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Work Like A Mule

I grew up always believing that the only way to make money was to work like a mule. I did enjoy working, so I ever did my best.

In fact, at one point in my life, I held as many as five jobs at once. My work, like a mule philosophy, meant me working hard and others making money.

It took wearing out my body to slow me down finally, but I found myself unsatisfied with my work and my personal life, so I began again to look outside of the typical types of work I had done in the past.

I found myself in debt, going through difficult family issues, and finally coming to a point where something had to change.

No matter what I did, nothing seemed to improve. Things just seemed to deteriorate even more over the next six months or so.

Everyone goes through hardship and pain to get to success
We all go through hard times, but we do not have to stay there.

What to do?

Then I learned a crucial lesson. If I want life to improve and live a better experience, it will require that I first had to change myself.

Never an easy thing when faced with the reality that significant life changes are necessary, but sometimes the pain and discomfort are such that to stand on the hot pavement on your bare feet isn’t an option anymore.

So, one may say I had to get out of my comfort zone, but for me, I was not comfortable anyway, so I had nothing to lose.

When I came across Wealthy Affiliate, it seemed to be a little different, but I was already on the second video of another company that looked good as well, and so I needed to make a decision.

Once I looked at what they offered here and could get started with nothing, the decision was easy for me.

working from home is like climbing a steep mountain
One step at a time and never give up

Make Up Your Mind and Get Moving

I know that I was 100% committed to this from day one. I knew nothing of making money online or creating a web page, and it has been challenging. But I am working on character and overall development of the kind of person I want to be and know God wants me to be.

I hate asking for help because it makes me feel like I am not very smart, especially when the answer becomes so easy, like, duh!

Asking for help is like asking for directions, and men struggle a bit with it. I know it is something that I need to learn to do better at; however, I will still struggle and work to figure things out independently.

The struggle may not feel good at the time but makes me a better problem solver, which leads to confidence and willingness to tackle challenging projects and goals.

everything takes practice like this Rubix-cube
Life can be puzzling at times, but keep moving.

Any Advice For Someone Starting in Something New?

The best advice given to me from anyone here at Wealthy Affiliate so far has been to take action. Get the knowledge you need but then apply it.

When you see results start to develop, you will gain confidence and know that you can do things you never thought possible and not just feel like a dreamer or someone who wishes things could change. No one floats to the top, and you won’t either. We can, however, with little effort, sink to the bottom.

And that goes for life as well as here at Wealthy Affiliate. I will admit, I still get lost all the time, and nothing is ever easy for me, and It may or may not be for you. It has required me to keep changing, learning, and overcoming obstacles and setbacks daily.

My journey began here on May 24, 2019, even though it seems much longer than that to me. Working a full-time job, along with all of life’s other daily chores and responsibilities, means that I do not waste time anymore.

making it to the finish line makes all the effort worthwhile.
You can do this if you want to bad enough!

Do the Right Things Consistently and For A Sustained Period of Time

Those who are willing to do all the hard things in life will eventually have a more comfortable experience. Those who pass on the hard stuff and take it easy will likely have a more challenging future.

I will make it because I will not quit, and I will not turn back. I know this because I have had many of those moments where I stood facing brick walls and mountains that seemed impossible to overcome. I felt at those times like I could not do this, things wouldn’t work out, and that I did not belong in this type of business.

But I am still here, feelings come and go, and I will get up each day and work, pursue my dreams, serve others, and be the best version of me possible.

Just a side note, I did not even have a laptop when I started and created my first website using my cellphone, which was not in perfect shape. If you want something bad enough, then you do whatever it takes. I know work from home, and while I would love to tell you that I sleep on a bed of money, I will not lie.

Like anything else, starting your own business takes time and constant improvement from those who plan to succeed. Even so, this is the simplest way to start and requires no license or permit to create a website and become an affiliate marketer.

You Can Work From Home, and You can Start Today.

I want to encourage any of you who think once you run into a wall, mess up, or feel lost on here sometimes, that it’s over, and you out for it. Hey, if it were easy, then everyone would do it, right?

You can do this if it is something you want. If that is true for you, then do not let anyone tell you differently, stick with it, and never give up on your dreams.

I think we all go through moments or days of doubt. We work twice as hard to go backward, and nothing seems to go right. But that is just life, and it happens to us all. No one can control every detail in life, but we can all control how we respond to the things that happen to us.

Remember that what someone else does to us is their karma; how we react to what they do or say is ours.

We cannot lose if we do not surrender
We will not lose if we never surrender!

Your Past Doesn`t Matter Unless You Allow it To

Those who are successful are because they refused to give up. By keeping focused and passionate about the dreams they had, people just like you and me have soared high above the normal level of success in business and life by making whatever sacrifices were required and now enjoy its rewards.

I hope for anyone who reads this that it gives you the motivation to keep going as well.

I barely graduated from high school and have no formal training or education beyond that, so if I can do this, so can you. I am going to the top, and I will not stop until I get to my goals.

When I use the spell checker after writing something, it looks like a Christmas tree threw up all over my page.

I have since found that the best tool possible and one I feel is crucial for anyone who writes any content for the web, school, email, and whatever purpose you may have is Grammarly.  For months I used the free version, and it improved made a world of difference.

For less than thirteen dollars a month, I have the pro version, and it has completely transformed my writing, and I learned without giving much thought to it. I have a post just about their service you can check out here.

I highly recommend that you at least use their free version. It is free, after all.

I continue to mess up, go in the wrong direction, run into walls, get frustrated, and have bad days. But I would not trade this for any other job because I get to do what I want and love to do, and I hope you will as well.

Failures are just like practice shots in basketball. You miss and then pick the ball up and take another chance at the goal. Do not allow a short-term failure to affect your long-term.

Learn and move on and do not sit there and pout and worry that you will never score. If you keep taking shots, you are bound to score eventually.


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God bless,


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