Where to Submit My Blog or Website?

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The directory is below this brief article. 

There are thousands of websites where you can submit your blogs or your website to get more exposure.

The more your name is out there, the better chances you have of the massive amount of traffic on the internet.

Think of websites like a community. You have rows of homes and businesses, and you have traffic going down the various roads.

When you create a website, you bought a new home in a subdivision at the end of a road.

The likelihood of anyone coming to see you is very low.

You may have the best home in the neighborhood, but no one sees it because they would drive down a dead-end road.


Make Your Website Visible 


It would be best if you made your website visible to the world.

To work night and day trusting Google to place you in front of their unquenchable desire for more paid advertisers is naive.

Can you rank high and get traffic? Sure, you can, and it will likely take you a very, very long time.

And, here is the special part, they can change their rules or ban your website from their results anytime they want to.

After jumping through hoops and doing everything to follow their undefined list of how they determine your rank, you may still find yourself lost in the back pages of their results.

Or, you could be number one but show up on page two because they choose to place a full page of paid ads in front of yours.

How cool is that?




Take Responsibility For Your Traffic

So, take responsibility for your traffic and do the work to become SEO-friendly so that search engines will index your website.

And, over time, you may generate some traffic, but always be submitting your website and blogs to directories, search engines, and social media.

The more sources of traffic you have, the better.

And the less dependant you are on the giant large search engines you are, the more likely you are to maintain your traffic and maintain your own ideas and creativity with the kind of website you want to have.

Eventually, you will find that you will be far better off paying for traffic as an affiliate marketer so long as your website is monetized. Hence, the costs are justified, and you have the value, content, and offers that people are looking for.


How Will You Know Until You Test It?

testing the quality of your website

But you really won’t know this until you have had a substantial amount of traffic click on your website.

Two or three opinions mean very little if anything at all.

Everyone has their opinions, and at best, maybe 3% – 5% of your total traffic will engage, make a purchase, or become loyal followers or subscribers.

This brings me back to paid traffic.

If you have been at this a while and have what you feel is a decent website that offers value through services or products, in my opinion, you need to test it out in the real world and see the results.

Just as a new restaurant may have a test run to see if they are ready to open up to the public, tweak any flaws or issues that they did not know about, and get feedback, we need that as well with a new website or business.

The problem with just getting only five or six people to give you feedback is that I have found them extremely different that the information was useless in most cases.

It is not enough data to determine what you should change or add to make your site better.

The internet can be a very selfish place as people get on there for what they want and are often in a hurry.

What we often think people want or need may not actually be the case. What we have to offer may need to be adjusted or changed altogether.

Meeting needs through services and products is what you can provide within your niche or business, and you are competing with a world market in many cases.

Invest In Yourself

stingy man

Set aside some money and pay for a substantial amount of traffic and make sure you have analytics in place to track viewer behavior on your site.

This is as critical as any other aspect of your business. If you do not know what people are looking at and ignoring when they visit your site, you will be clueless and have no idea where your focus needs to be or which advertising sources bring the desired results.

You can find places for analytics and traffic listed in the Affiliate Marketing Tools Directory here at neatfreaker.com.

Blog And Website Submission Directory

ASR- Active Search Results

ASR Ranking is a new search engine page ranking algorithm that allows search engines to rank search results higher for websites where the owners or promoters of those websites have a history of performing actions or events defined as “activity.” You can register and add your website.



Popular blog directory in India. Free blog submission



Browse or submit your blog for free to their over 147,000 active and moderated blog listings.


Blog Engage

“Blog Engage is a blogging community where all bloggers submit their latest blog articles for exposure and traffic.

All articles submitted are sent to the upcoming page, where users read and vote on the submissions. When articles receive enough votes, they become published and are then found on the Blog Engage home page.”

You can submit your blog for free if you add a banner or blog about their website. Paid plans start as low as $1.99 per month.


Blog Flux 

This website features a blog directory, yellow pages, button maker, blogging tools, top sites, and who`s online services. 100% free to join.

They are designed to have everything you need to get your blog up and running. 



Free to register and submit your blogs and connect with other bloggers and even host your WordPress website.


Blogging Fusion

Large selection of quality blogs. You can sign up for free or paid blog submissions.



Large selection of blogs from all over. You can submit yours for free or create a blog on their website.


Blogs Collection

Choose the partner and regular listing to post your blog for free. This directory has been around longer than most and is well established.



Here you can submit a blog or your website. Search for a blog, add your own blog, or grab an RSS feed for a blog topic.

Their network of websites includes ExactSeek.com, SiteProNews.com, and Blog-Search.com, as well as other sites.

Located in  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. You can additionally purchase paid traffic for your business.


Blog Search Engine

Search for blogs or submit your blog or subscribe to an RSS feed.



They provide categories of blogs for you to browse and use. They have free and paid blog submissions.

They use various metrics along with user reviews to determine the overall ranking of each blog. They also list the current top fifty blogs on their homepage.


Blogroll Center

They offer a wide range of blog categories and free blog submissions.



You can submit your blog to their site. They aim to connect their audience with the best available blogs on the web.

You can follow your favorites, connect with other members, and review the blogs you read.

Blog rankings are determined by the number of unique monthly visitors that each blog has.

I like that the stats are reset each month so that the playing field is level for everyone. You can register and submit your blog for free.


Blog Ville

Free blog submission for almost any niche. Submit your blog for free. They will send you a confirmation link, and once approved, your blog will be listed.


Boing Boing

While the name may sound funny, this is a directory among the highest in domain authority blog submission sites.

Free to add your blog.



Submit your website, purchase web traffic, add your site to their local business directory, use the article directory and website builder.

Part of a network of search engines and directories.

They do have a straightforward and free website submission as well.



This is where you can submit original, quality articles browsed by email marketers looking for fresh content.

Once submitted, your articles will be managed by Ezine Articles proprietary management software.

Your content could be added to relevant newsletters sent out to tens of thousands of subscribers each month.

If you write quality articles, this is one way to place your content alongside already successful businesses.


FWS – Free Web Submission

This website has multiple features that you can use to automate your website directory and search engine submissions if you do not have the time.

If you prefer the free route, they still offer a free and easy website submission on their homepage.

For $14 a quarter, they will guarantee that your listing gets top-ten exposure across their network of search engines.


General Web Directory

Here, you can list your website to have a large selection of categories suitable for almost any niche.

They offer free website submission, and reciprocation is required. Also, they offer paid submissions.



This is a specialty directory/search engine where the results are mostly from smaller websites.

How refreshing!

So, if you have a small business or website, this may be a smart place to list it. They have free website submission or a $10 monthly spotlight listing.

I have done both myself, and I believe this type of service is needed in this world of big money and privilege.

So what this means is that when someone types in a keyword like books, it is doubtful that Amazon will be at the top of the list.


Link Centre

Based in the UK, they are an international website directory and search engine.

You can sign-up and choose from 5 different website submission plans, including a free one.



Submit your website or blog. Add their link and the listing and request a review for free or pay for a featured listing.

Great Websites For Entrepreneurs - OnToplist.com


Submit your blog feed/ RSS to be index within their database. They summarize the latest information into a single RSS feed.

They have a tool you can try called “hypho-o,” which is an Automatic hyphenation for texts and HTML sites.

You can merge many feeds into one feed, and others can quickly and easily find and read your work.



This is a link directory that focuses on specific categories with free and paid listings.

The paid listings on SoMuch will be posted quicker, but this site seems to process submissions somewhat quicker than many directories.

Their paid rates are reasonable and offer faster website listings.


Sonic Run

Simple and free to submit your website or articles.

It may take several months before they review and post yours, as with many fee directory site submissions.

All the more reason to make it a habit to submit your site to directories and search engines.

It is the law of reaping and sowing. Plant seeds now. In time you will have a harvest.


Top Sites Directory

Directory of online resources, searchable and categorized. Submit your site for free.

This directory receives many submissions, but if you want your site listed quicker, place a small banner or text link on your website and email them at the address provided.

Simple and easy. Or you can pay a one-time fee of 10€  and be added within 48 hours.


Classified Ads Submissions













Free Website Submission At Neatfreaker.com

Affiliate Marketing Tools Directory

Website Hosting & Builders Directory

Garage Directory

Storage Shed Directory

Social Media Directory

Affiliate Marketing Tools Directory

Search Engines And Directories A-Z

Affiliate Marketing Directory


6 thoughts on “Where to Submit My Blog or Website?”

  1. I love article directories. Believe it or not but people still use them. I don’t even use them for the backlink, I use them for targeted traffic because thousands of people still use them to look for blogs. Of course traffic will be minuscule but it is still targeted and over the course of a few years it will add up to lots of traffic. Blogarama is my favorite on this list. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Brandon, 

      Thank you for your comments. I agree that directories are a valuable tool and they really do provide a good service to the public.


  2. There is a lot to mastering a blog and succeed as an affiliate marketer, and this site hits the nail on the head. It is a lot of hard work, and a lot of different sources of traffic are needed to succeed. I love the addition of the general web directory. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hayden,

      Thank you so much for your comments and encouragement. You are correct, it requires a great deal of hard work and consistency but when you see that others benefit from and use what you create, the rewards are priceless. 


  3. Chimmhogevagreenesnr

    Hello there! This is an amazing content you’ve got here, I find it very useful to me as a newbie in blogging. My major constrain before was no proper understanding of SEO so as to create traffic on my website but I think I’ve learnt something beneficial from this post. 

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. As a blogger, you stand the chance to make more money when people visit your website and thereby creating traffic. Traffic can’t be created if you that have a good and liable search engine optimization (SEO) . A good SEO will help your site to be ranked on the top of search engines such as Google, bling,Yahoo etc to help people locate your website and create traffic

    On this article are about places you can drop your blog and website to create good traffic and make good cash.Be sure to adhere to these article

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