The Cost of Getting Organized, U Can Do it 4 Free!

The Cost Of Getting Organized

The cost of getting organized

How much does it cost us to get organized? What about customizing and have things look the way we like or prefer?  Retailers may not like to hear this statement, but you can get organized and even customized for little or no money.

You may think this is not possible, and it may take more time and creativity to customize closets, drawers, and the garage, but you can do it on a shoe-string budget or with no money at all.

If you have more time than money, why not roll up your sleeves and get to it? The majority of organizing is grouping things together and getting rid of the stuff you never use and do not need.

It Is Just Stuff, and There Is Always More Stuff

The first thing I realized is that stuff is just stuff, and no matter how much we have, we always seem to find other stuff that we want.

We are so clingy to things, yet we take nothing with us when we leave this world. And, having too much clutter drives most of us crazy after a while, and we would feel better if we had less.

office with too much clutter and unorganized

One other thought about stuff is I am sure you noticed that no matter what you get rid of, you will replace it. The more I give away, the more I seem to get. It feels like I sent it out one door, and its replacement comes in through the window.

I can honestly say that I have eliminated 90% of the clutter and excess that I had and have a level of material things that is much more manageable. Almost to where I would like it to be, but not quite perfect just yet.

I am amazed at some of the stupid things I keep around instead of throwing them away, donating them, or just giving them to someone. I will keep at it until I have things where I want them and feel good about it.

very organized desk with no clutter

You may already be there in a place of material utopia, but for me, it has been a slow yet constant process of devaluing things that, in all honesty, have no real value to me.

I think we keep things because they become familiar to us and we have always had them, so we keep them. Even when it is in the way and is something we may not even care much about, we just can’t set it free.

The last word on stuff is just this. I have never regretted getting rid of something, and the more I get rid of it, the better I feel and the less work I have to do around the house or when I move again.

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How About Organizing And Customizing for Free?

So I have a walk-in closet that is 4′ -6″ x 5′ -0″ that also had three vented shelves across the back wall with the top shelf extending across the wall to the right, and just below that is the clothes rod.

The shelves are nice, but how do you use a plain shelf for storing things you use? And most of the time, whatever you want is on the bottom and not the top. Some things may be fine for stacking up, but for me, that never works out too well, and when I get in a hurry, I make a big mess.

Be Creative and Make the Most of Your Opportunities

Well, as fate would have it, someone was throwing away brand new sturdy plastic containers and all kinds of other useful items that were in excellent or new condition, and I just saved them from going into the landfill, and they fit great on my shelves.

image of a dumpster

If you see a nasty, dirty, disgusting dumpster, I would suggest you keep moving along. Unless you see money overflowing from it. (then give me a call, and I will take care of it)

I also picked up some free glossy, thick material that I do know the name of, lol. It was 1/2″ thick in 4′ x 8′ sheets, and I honestly had no way to get it home.

I borrowed a saw, cut them into the length of my shelve and a little wider, and was able to get them home and place them on top of the shelving that I had. It created more space as well as made the closet look much better.

Do not be alarmed thinking I have dumpster trash in my home. I still washed and cleaned everything even though most of it was already in excellent condition.

I Improved my Closet, and all It Took was A Little Time & Effort

I took the leftover pieces and the leftover containers and made a bookshelf with them—the total cost is $0.00. I did not spend a dime, and while my closet may not show up in a magazine and no one on the planet may ever see it, I like it.

DIY bookshelf made from trash

DIY Bookcase-cost=$0

Paying for a customized high-end closet is fine, and perhaps someday, I will do just that. But honestly, when you do it yourself, you appreciate it and feel like you accomplished something, even if it is a small thing to others.

closer view of bookshelf I made

Here is a little closer view, as you can see, the blue bins and black plastic material were all in new condition.            

I have always had a taste for fine things, as I am sure many people do. However, just because something is free doesn’t automatically make it cheap, and on occasion, you find the cheap way is better than the expensive alternative.

But I also know that we do not have to drive a Porche to enjoy driving or purchase a two-story solid oak closet system complete with an elevator and wet bar to be satisfied with our closet.

And I am not suggesting that you go dumpster diving, although there is no shame in it if you do. People throw-away brand-new expensive things every day, and by taking and putting them to use, you lessened the amount of waste and garbage that goes to the dump.

Dumpster Diving? No Way?

dumpster diving

I am not a dumpster diver myself unless I happen to see someone throwing away something I could use in great condition like what I described. Someone else’s trash may be a treasure to you, and the opposite holds as well.

You can get organized by getting rid of things you do not use and using things that someone else may no longer want. Doing simple things like that cost you no money and can help you improve your Organization at home. There are no rules about how you can organize, do what makes you happy, and feels good.

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I usually end my posts with a saying that stuck with me a while back, and it is this; “see you at the top.” I think Zig Ziggler used that, but I am not sure. On this occasion, due to my warped sense of humor, I thought I would end it just a little differently.

See you at the dumpster (not really)



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