the best small travel bag for men

The Best Small Travel Bag For Men

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The Best Small Travel Bag For Men

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Soon, travel will resume and people will be traveling more once this quarantine has been lifted.


We are living in a mobile world that even with all the changing technology which allows us to do things at home on a computer, travel will not cease to exist.

From short business trips to weekend getaways, people need and enjoy traveling. And why not?


With the advance in travel, getting somewhere isn’t the long slow journey that it once was.


One thing that is very necessary is that we are able to take what we need for the trip.


And it could be that you just need a bag to carry your laptop, workout clothes, and other daily needed items with you when you leave home for the day.


Impressed Bag Co. has come up with the perfect solution for men who need a bag which has multipurpose functions, looks great, and is the perfect size for travel and day-to-day use.



The Preston men’s leather gym bag – $350.00 from Impressed Bag Co


When you first see it, it looks very elegant and professional, something you wouldn’t mind taking anywhere.


But there is more than meets the eye as this quality bag also contains a garment bag. I know right? How is that possible?

Their innovative and amazing magnet system makes it possible not only to attach your suit and dress clothes, but you also can’t even tell it is there just by looking at it.




Here is how it works:



large magnets hold the garment bag neatly and firmly in place. Simple, quick, and efficient.



Quality and Dimensions:

Garment bag: Premium Italian leather exterior, 1.9oz ripstop nylon (ultra-lightweight water resistant) interior.

Duffel bag: 1680D ballistic nylon exterior, premium leather base, 1.9oz ripstop nylon (ultra-lightweight and water-resistant) interior.

Dimensions: 11”/9.5”/20”




I have always had a thing for nice bags and storage, and this one really caught my attention because not only is is a quality bag, it eliminates the need to carry an extra bag when you travel.


Not having to fool with additional luggage and only needing to pack one bag for the business trip or weekend is something that I believe most men can appreciate.


To me, this is the best small travel bag for me as it is practical, not too small or too big, and it is made to last.


And the fact that you get all of those benefits and it looks good too, makes this bag special.


You can see their offer here, watch the short video and read the reviews from customers who have already bought their impressive bag:


Travel in convenience and style 


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