The Affiliate Marketing Matrix

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How Did I Get Here?

Most of us grew up going to school, graduating, then moving on to higher education, or simply finding a job that required minimal experience or skills to begin. Let’s face it; basic education in America prepared most of us for nothing in terms of making money or even understanding how money works.

After 10-20 years or so of moving up as far as we could go with what we learned at our job or, for many of us, jobs, we realize that there must be more.

Now I am only referring to making money here, so this is not referring to anything else if you may be thinking along those lines.

Change, Change, and More Change

We grow up in this ever-changing world of technology, most of which goes right over our heads, accepting the simple user versions and using them every day without thought.

If you are young, perhaps you don’t remember life without cell phones and computers.

I still remember Intellivision and playing pong for hours on end. I remember star trek where they walked up to an entryway, and instantly the door slid open then closed once they walked through.

Cell phones and automatic doors are everywhere now.

As I approach a bay door at work, it instantly rolls up so quickly that it hardly registers in the mind what just happened.

Picking up a cell phone and having access to anyone in the world as though standing right next to them is quite amazing. OK, so I still cannot say “beam me up, Scottie” and be taken up into a spaceship.  Actually, I do not have a real desire to do that anyway.

Show Me The Money!

When we think of ways to increase our earning potential, as bills add up and dreams seem to pass us by, what are the options?

How can we find a way to increase our income when we already work a job that takes up most of our day?

Wondering, will we ever be able to do the things we dreamed about for so long? We may begin to think that it is just the ways things are, and it is too late now to start something from scratch.

That is if we can even remember those dreams we once were so passionate about but slowly faded away with 12-hour workdays, having a family, raising kids, and all the responsibilities that come with being an adult.

Being left with a choice between working more hours, finding a part-time job that pays even less than our current job, or willing to go into even more debt by going back to school for education and training can be depressing at best.

Training should have been a big part of the 12 years, so they had us the first time before walking across a stage to get a diploma. A diploma that likely prepared us to work at McDonald’s.

Affiliate Marketing Matrix Begins

And then, as if it had been hidden away right under our noses and suddenly leaped into our view, this thing called online marketing popped up on our radar screen.

For some, you have known this for many years, but it is so very new for others.

Oh, how exciting that was to find out there were ways to earn money without clocking in and out or having to be on my feet for more hours after an already long day of work.

Head First, brain far behind


Procrastination would not get the best of me as I leaped in with both feet as though I had discovered a new world and could not wait to experience everything it had to offer.

Perhaps with a naive understanding of it all and a simplified view of reality, I began my journey into the matrix I thought only belonged in movies.

And believe me, it is a Matrix.

There are so many sharks in the water and so many who continuously flash their success in your face every time you watch a video on YouTube, trying to play to one’s emotions and greed.

  • There are no guarantees in life, and it can be risky to trust your future and family to those you don’t even know.

Depending on strangers to prepare you and give you the training and tools needed to not only survive but thrive in this industry, it takes a lot of faith.

Who Do You Listen To

Everywhere you turn, someone is yelling in your face that they have the golden ticket, and if your just sign here, click there, and attend their free webinar, you will soon be vacationing in the Bahamas and lying around with your laptop raking in millions.

It is quite over the top, gushing and gloating that after a while gets old. While I am happy for anyone who achieves success in life, it is the same hype and overstating reality that you begin to hear coming from every direction.

Please, if you believe nothing else I say, listen to what I am saying now. Making money does not equal genuine happiness or fulfillment.

And if these people are so independently wealthy, why are they so desperate to get people to buy their programs?

Some people promise us anything.

  • They play on our sincere and noble desires to make better lives for ourselves and our families.
  • They say one thing, then as soon as you join up, they start saying something far different.
  • Just beware that there are many online who will say anything to get you into their sales funnels, webinars and give them access to your email.

What angers me the most about some of the sales tactics is that they go way overboard in their claims to teach you something in a free class or file, but in reality, they share nothing more than the information you could get free in a Google Search.

Here is where you must learn to discern and understand. As soon as you sign up for anything, and after all, they just spent an hour telling you if you did, you would be making money as soon as that same day, the game is just beginning.

  • Once you pay some money, immediately you discover that you have to sign up for something that costs much more to really make money.

You are in their sales funnel

and are just a  number and passive income to them. You will be doing good to ever actually talk to a live person because you are lost inside a system geared to bring them money.

Let me say that, as with anything else in life, the bad ones make life difficult for those who are legit. And there are good, honest, decent people who have webinars and offer real value for the services.

But I will have to say that greed typically wins the day even among the better crowd, and they overcharge for what they offer.

And after some time listening to so many make extreme self-evaluations of their own worth, it bothers me when I know how hard most people work for their money.

If what these good old boys did was so amazing and so easy that they can virtually print their own money, why are they constantly trying to get others to join them?

I like helping others. It is by far the best feeling a person can have to know that you made a difference.

That is not what they are trying to even though that is the pitch you will hear every time without fail. Twenty minutes later, they ask you for 3 payments of $1,100.

If someone is not upfront with their prices and feels they have to talk to you for an hour before springing it on you, run away. To me, it’s sleazy and disrespectful and shows that they will go to extremes for a dollar.

Can you imagine going to the store to buy something but instead of telling you how much it costs, the store manager breaks out a big presentation?

He interviews some people in the past that bought it, introduces a few family members who show you pictures of how amazing it was when they bought theirs, and then, he demands that you participate, show your appreciation for being in his presence and get all excited when he feels you should.

Never let someone treat you that way, belittle you, and have you thinking that if you walk away, you are losing out and will never make any money online.

The vast majority of people who make good money online will never hear about or see. Instead of being suckered into the latest ad that pops up on your screen, do some research and sort out the garbage and hype and find the training you want at a reasonable price.

I do not want to turn anyone one-off from legitimate offers and get a fair service for a fair price, but you will have difficulty finding many of those on the pushy internet ads that you likely see far too often.

And please remember, free does not mean free.

You waste an hour of your life listening to and watching their circus act, and you cannot have that time back, so it cost you.

You are not stupid, and you can create your own business, have your own ideas, and make money without someone charging you thousands of dollars. Then they turn and use you to sell their products, purchase traffic with your money, throw you a small bone, and make them a bundle.

It takes time, commitment, desire, and unrelenting willpower to keep getting back up in the face of defeat, loss, and failure.

That is where most quit and give up, but if you push through and never retreat, continue to learn, be honest, and keep creating value, you will win.

hand reaching out for money

  • Whatever happened to honesty and integrity? Have we lost our minds to think it is OK to lie over and over to make money?
  • Be a person of real integrity and transparency. It would be best if you did not have to talk someone into buying a product they already want.
  • People will respect your honesty, and you can develop a good following of people who like what you provide and who know you would not dream of trying to take advantage of them.

That is why the good book says that the “love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.” And yes, that is how it reads; no one ever seems to quote that correctly.

So the love of money, not money, is a root cause of why so much evil takes place in this world.

Money is only a means of trading and commerce, and they print more every day. Money is neither good nor bad, but we all need it in this society. Just slow down, take a deep breath, shut off the video ad, and find a solid source of information.

I, for one doubt I could sleep well at night knowing I misled someone to get their hard-earned money. The internet has a way of making people seem anonymous and distant, and for these marketers and their slick high tech sales funnels, more like a dot on a screen.

  • I suppose it makes it easier for people to lie to you when they don’t have to look you in the face.

Be Honest, Have Integrity 

Those who are honest and straightforward and do not over-hype what they are selling will, in time, rise to the top as people learn they are trustworthy. As affiliate marketers, we, too, have a responsibility not to become sleazy and dishonest to make a dollar.

The  Wealthy Affiliate Platform was something I stumbled upon, and I am glad that I did.

I still have not found any other place quite like the community here, and I have met kind, helpful, selfless people, who, while pursuing their dreams, always have time to stop and offer a hand.

  • Yes, it is much more difficult than I thought it would be, but I have come a long way in a brief period, if I am frank with myself.

No, I am not where I want to be yet, but that is partly because of the constant pull of the matrix trying to lure me back to a place where I will only be frustrated and disillusioned.

I am not saying that I have not learned a great deal from other places. This line of work requires continuous learning, and there is so much out there in cyberspace it blows the mind.

There is No Easy Button

Often we want to find a shortcut and bi-pass all the hard stuff, but when it comes to legitimate business, that method will leave you frustrated and broke.

If you don’t think you can take rejection or failure over and over again, then this may not be your thing.

Success requires that we develop the ability to bounce back and stick with it, or the chances of success in this line of work are slim to none.

Yes, some may hit gold right off the bat, but those are few and far between. Most of those who find early success already have the background or special skill required to make it happen.

Most of us come into this wide-eyed and clueless, which means we will have to roll up our sleeves and get to work, persevering until we have our breakthrough.

  • The day when it all comes together, you will glad that you didn’t quit, give up, and walk away.

I asked myself just the other day, which of the roadblocks or difficulties I have experienced in the past few months were so bad that It was no longer worth my time and effort?

If I knew one day, I would achieve my goals and dreams, would any of those setbacks or difficulties seem too much to bear?

Well, that was a no-brainer. None were.

You may say, “you have no real proof that you will make all of that happen one day.” And to that, my response is, I have all the proof I need because I will not quit.

I learn day by day, mistake after mistake. I will make a way to my goals and dreams, and that is all the proof I need.

  • Achieving our dreams requires a determined and focused mindset

You get married because you are in love and can only feel good things, yet you know that our lives have problems and trials. You don’t just quit when you run into trouble. Hopefully, you learn to hold on to each other and fight through it together.

If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t, Either Way, You Are Correct

In the same way, we must hold on to our dreams and be willing to take the hits and disappointments along the way, dust ourselves off, get help if needed, and get back on course.

  • Life is short, so take some chances and believe in yourself
  • You can play it safe and still fail, so why not give it a go?

I can promise you that if you never take chances and are not willing to get out of your comfort zone, you can expect to have more of what you have now and little else.

The training at any place you go will never be perfect. You will always need to learn more and find things out through conversations and watching others who have gone through what you are going through and found a way to overcome them.

 A wealthy Affiliate is a place where you can learn a great deal and be well on your way to becoming a successful affiliate marketer in this matrix that so many get lost in and eventually give up.

Oh My! We Are Rich!

I know what you are thinking, “but I haven’t made a bunch of money as you have. It’s easy to say these things when you are rich.”

Guess what? I haven’t made a bunch of money at this (yet), so I can feel your pain. But I love what I do and love it more every day.

  • We do not always plan to fail but often fail to plan.

My journey has led me to read more, write more, and do ten times more than I ever thought I could do. I have learned that my passion and desires run deep and are real. I have a heart and determination to achieve my goals and dreams, and it has not weakened one bit.

Enjoy The Ride

I stand a little straighter and walk with more confidence even if others don’t notice or seem to care, and  I know I am a better man.

The best part is that today I am closer than when I first began, and tomorrow may be the day when I wake up and realize I am living my dream and nothing will ever be the same again.

Growing up in a Christian home, my father was a minister. We never really had much in the way of material things or money, yet we had love and laughter.

We must remember how to enjoy who we are and those we have around us and not be deceived into thinking we will be happy if.

  • Do not miss the forest for all the trees in your way.
  • If you cannot be happy now, then all the success in the world will not buy it for you.
  • Developing the necessary discipline and character to handle success is very important, or we will likely lose it all once we get there.

I know the frustration of debt collectors and not having money to get the things I need or do the things I want to do. But I know that I am blessed right now, and I have my son who means the world to me, and I get to enjoy him every day.

I have enough food to eat, a car, a job, and a place to live, and so being grateful for what I have is a priority, and I wake up each day and thank God for right now and right here where I am.

If I can be of any encouragement to anyone, I would say,

  • don’t give up
  • don’t quit
  • keep at it

It is the only way to get to a place where you can have what you want.


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