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Storage Furniture-Cabinets, Top 5 best sellers

The top 5 best-selling storage furniture/cabinets on Amazon are worth looking at and showing here. Just because something sells does not guarantee that you will like it if you purchase one, but it does help when it also has good reviews, and people continue to buy them over time.

While I will list all 5 of the top sellers, two of the top 5 have less than what I would consider excellent reviews, and so I will add two more in the top 10 that I would recommend instead.

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Storage Furniture and Cabinets


The number one seller for storage cabinets on Amazon is :

Prepac WEB-1664 Elite Corner Storage Cabinet, Tall 1-Door, White


This may not seem like anything special at first glance. Still, for the price, this adjustable corner storage cabinet has adjustable shelves, a door that can be attached to open from the left or the right, 5/8″ composite wood construction, including backs.

A wall anchor is also provided to attach it to the wall securely. Amazon currently has 2,483 ratings of these with a 4-star rating.

Prepac has an assortment of other similar stackable storage furniture products from wardrobes to wall cabinets included in the reviews, so you have to see which cabinet the reports refer to and not assume it’s for this one.

My recommendation is that you know that this popular item is not a piece of beautiful furniture, and those who buy this should know this at this price and not expect something to hand down for generations to come.

It is beautiful and compact and can fit in those corner spaces where nothing else fits and be useful for storage.

The reviews tend to be mostly five-stars, and the negative more like one-star. How can there be such a difference of opinion and reviews on the same item? Expectation and understanding what you are buying.

I believe the 5-star reviews, and I also think the lower ones, even though they are far fewer in number.

If you are in the market for a Corvette and settle for a Pinto, it seems a bit crazy to say the Pinto is no good. Uh, you bought a Pinto but had your heart set on a Corvette and expected to be happy with it?

This is something that happens frequently, and it’s unfortunate.

I am inclined to think that If you buy this item and realize you are getting a fair price for a decent storage item, you will likely agree with those who were happy with their purchase.


ClosetMaid 1308 Pantry Cabinet, Dark Cherry


This item from Closetmaid is in the number 2 most sold storage items on Amazon with 964 ratings. Please keep in mind ratings are not a definite number of how many they sold as many do not send reviews of the products they purchase.

Slightly lower ratings at 3.2 and one that is similar to the number one most bought storage cabinet. Inexpensive and practical but not a top-tier cabinet.

I have to admit that the price is excellent, and If you need a decent storage cabinet and don’t plan to move 50 times, this should be just fine. I have owned similar cabinets in the past, and they served their purpose.

If you keep moving them and are not careful, they tend not to hold up as well as a more solid, heavy, high-quality cabinet.


Sauder HomePlus Storage Cabinet, Dakota Oak finish


You can save some money if you want the cabinet with a different finish. Each one is sold at a slightly different price.

My personal favorite out of the top three so far with 1,234 ratings and a four-star rating. I like the size and shape and the oak finish. Note that all three of these cabinets come in various colors and not just what is shown here. 

this item is priced slightly higher than the previous two yet still seems like a fair price and, for me, a decent cabinet to have.


Sauder Edge Water Utility Cart/Stand, Auburn Cherry Finish


This one is another one I like as I have one almost identical to it in solid oak. The size, appearance, and usefulness of this cabinet and the ones like it make it an excellent item to consider.

I love mine, and even though the one I have is a higher-grade cabinet, these are good to have and use in the bedroom. Add a mirror above it, and you have something useful that looks great.

I love this and can understand why it has sold so well and is so popular for the price. Nine hundred fifty-two ratings with a four-star rating, so obviously, most of those who bought this would agree that this is a quality product. I like it.


Sauder 419496 Miscellaneous Storage Storage Cabinet, L: 29.61″ x W: 16.02″ x H: 71.50″, Cinnamon Cherry finish


At number five and 1,001 reviews, this large storage cabinet looks very helpful, especially on the hardwood floor shown above. But while they have sold many of these, they are large, and anything substantial that isn’t solid can be rather flimsy if moved much.

It depends on where you plan to put it and how you will use it. We do not necessarily have to have solid oak furniture everywhere but use your judgment based on your specific needs.

The 3-star average would make me hesitate, but if I had a storage need and could place this someplace and leave it, I would indeed consider this due to its looks, amount of storage space, and excellent price.

So there you have Amazon’s top five best-selling storage cabinets. As promised, I will include some that are also among the highest selling storage cabinets that I like because a couple from the top 5 left me a little unsatisfied.

It does, however, reveal that the majority of shoppers are looking for bargains and ways to meet their storage needs at home in the most inexpensive way possible.

Stylish and high-end furniture may not be necessary when it will not use it in the most obvious places where someone may entertain guests and keep in line with the current decor and styles. Practical is still alive and well.


Black Tall Shoe Cubbie Cabinet, 24 pair Shoe Storage Rack


One that just missed making the top five and currently is at number seven is one I particularly like. From Prepac, this stylish and practical shoe organizer could be used for storing anything and not just shoes. Five hundred two reviews with a 4-star rating.

I do think it is a charming-looking shoe organizer.

This one can fit 24 pairs of shoes, and I would recommend looking at the one for 36, which has a place to hang coats, handbags, and an extra shelf at the top. It is two identical cabinets with different configurations side by side.

The larger cabinet would be worth the extra money if this one would be quickly filled with a few shoes leftover with no home.


VASAGLE Floor Cabinet, Bathroom Storage Organizer Rack Stand, Multifunctional Corner Unit, 2 Drawers, Brown UBBC42BR


Perhaps the steal of the day and receiving 231 reviews at a 4.5 rating, this highly praised cabinet is an excellent addition for small spaces and stands just under three feet tall and slightly under one foot wide. It is sturdy and has a beautiful look and finish.

Reasonably priced and decent quality is a good note for us to end on, and I hope you have found some benefit to this post.

If you would like to see more of these reviews, leave your comments below, and I will follow up with more top 5 biggest sellers on some different home storage items.

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I am always free to use, and I hope you will take full advantage of the hundreds of companies listed for home organizing, storage, and furniture.

Have a great day and a Happy New Year!


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