Quality Furniture In A Box?

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Quality Furniture In A Box! Is This A Real Possibility?

The idea of getting my couch delivered to me in a box goes against everything I ever thought about when buying a sofa for my home. I mean, really, large furniture in a box? It sounded like some cheap toy or crazy idea when first imagined in my mind the idea that any large furniture in a box would be of good quality.

That is until I saw what one company from Detroit, Michigan, had managed to come up with that not only surprised me with what they had created but quickly had me sitting up and paying attention to the idea of what seemed impossible was now a reality.

Seek And You Shall Find

While looking around for something special, had quality, and that someone could buy online without having to get out and look for something limited only to their specific location, I happened upon this gem of a company named Floyd.

With an emphasis on quality and a vision for creating something unique and valuable to their customers, they have indeed created a way to get quality furniture in a box.

If you watch their video where two women receive their couch delivered to their home, put it together with ease, then sit on and enjoy this beautiful piece of furniture, it quickly makes you a believer.

With a ten-year guarantee on their products that show confidence in the quality they put into their work, what more could you ask for when making a necessary purchase? Style? They nailed that one too.

Simplistic yet beautiful and flexible furniture that is easily assembled and delivered right to your door is something that did not seem possible in the not-so-distant past.


Price Or Quality? What About Both?

No one wants to overspend on furniture or feel that they did not receive fair value for what they paid. We should get our money’s worth and be happy with what we buy. If we obtain too cheap, we may save a dime now but have to pay for it later when we have to buy another or repair what we have. And who likes things that we use every day to look and feel cheap?

Having cheap furniture that does not last the test of time and begins to fall apart when you move has been the norm for decades. “Throw-away furniture” to coin a phrase from the Floyd website. I agree that this has been a problem, especially for those of us prone to move around like gypsies.

The Master Speaks

You soon learn what quality furniture is and is not in those circumstances. I have a master’s degree in moving from the University of “Are you moving again?” or “AYMA University.” I would if it existed.

All the packing and unpacking, loading trucks, heavy lifting upstairs, down hallways, in basements, storage facilities, and all the other joys involved in a move make me an expert in my mind.

If my moving were not enough to educate me, I lost count of the times I have been volunteered to or freely gave my time to help others move.

Some of these I can only compare to what it would be like to move an entire Walmart store. How did they ever acquire so much stuff? I can now see how the pyramids and Stonehenge were made possible.

I say all that to say that there are vitally important things when buying furniture that sometimes we forget to consider until it is too late.

We end up with a couch with only three legs still intact, or the frame comes apart after carrying it up the narrow stairway and having to shove it with all your might to get it through the door sideways at an angle using Vaseline.

Floyd, Goes with anywhere.

This Way Is So Much Better!

Buying a couch or any piece of furniture from Floyd will give you a far different experience, not only with getting it in the house, putting it together, and enjoying it for a lifetime, all very important.

Also, if you move again or want to move it to a different place, you can do it with ease, not having to worry about it falling apart or holding up.

Because you are not bringing in a fully assembled couch or bed through the door, that step just became a breeze.

What Floyd Can Deliver To Your Door

  • The Shelf

Why a big deal? Because you pick your base shelf, and then you can add to it anytime you want. No need to find another bookcase as you can add to the one you have, and it looks like one beautiful piece of furniture

  • The Bed

Twin, Full, Queen, and King size platform beds with optional under-bed storage and headboards. Simple, clean, and made to last.

  • The Sofa

As stated in the above descriptions, the fantastic simplicity of getting it in the room, setting it up, and then having a beautiful, comfortable sofa that lasts are reasons enough for them to be a smart choice.

  • The Tables

They have tables for various purposes and in a variety of shapes and sizes. Modern, easy to assemble, and made to last.

  • Lighting

The Anglepoise Type 75 Lamp is an “icon of design and recognized the world over.”

  • Hardware

Their designs are made to last and hold everything together to create sturdy, useful furniture for the home.

Still not convinced that this is a quality company that can deliver you what you want right to your doorstep?

In-stock items you order ship the next business day to the lower 48 states. They have offer free 30-day returns and 10-year warranties.

They are hands-down the Neatfreaker.com’s website of the month for January 2020. In my humble view, Floyd is a step forward into the future of home furniture.

They have discovered what is possible when focusing on quality combined with existing technology and creativity of design all come together.

A fair exchange of value where both parties walk away satisfied and happy with what they received from the experience is how to go.

Check them out for yourselves and make up your mind. I am now a proud affiliate of this fantastic company.

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Note: Floyd has partnered with West Elm to showcase their products. If you prefer to shop at the store, here are the locations that you can find Floyd furniture:

West Elm Austin  (1011 W 5th St  Austin, TX)

West Elm Birmingham  (215 W Maple Rd Birmingham, MI)

West Elm Chelsea  (112 W 18th St New York, NY)

West Elm Portland (1201 NW Couch St Portland, OR)

West Elm Santa Monica (1427 4th St Santa Monica, CA)

West Elm Seattle  (2201 Westlake Ave N #100 Seattle, WA)

To test out one of their sofa’s you can do so at the following locations:

Two-Seater in Ocean Dive (Upholstered)
820 Valencia St
San Francisco, CA

General Admission
Three-Seater in Saffron (Upholstered)
52 Brooks Ave
Venice, CA

Two-Seater in Lunar Grey (Upholstered)
272 Redondo Ave Unit B
Long Beach, CA

Marine Layer
Two-Seater in Ocean Dive (Birch)
4803 Bethesda Ave
Bethesda, MD

Anthology Coffee
Three-Seater in Saffron (Upholstered)
1948 Division St
Detroit, MI

Plant Shop
Three-Seater in Saffron (Birch)
1056 Wealthy St. SE
Grand Rapids, MI

The Floyd Shop
Three-Seater in Ocean Dive (Birch)
Two-Seater in Lunar Grey (Upholstered)
1948 Division St
Detroit, MI

Today Clothing
Three-Seater in Mist (Upholstered)
215 S 4th Ave
Ann Arbor, MI

Three-Seater in Lunar Grey (Upholstered)
1464 Gratiot Ave
Detroit, MI

New York
Lalo Loft
Three-Seater in Mist (Upholstered)
43 Crosby St 4 FL
New York, NY (Buzz up to the 4th Floor for entry)

Three-Seater in Lunar Grey (Upholstered)
935 SW Washington St
Portland, OR

Three-Seater in Saffron (Upholstered)
47 N 2nd St
Philadelphia, PA

Marine Layer
Three-Seater in Ocean Dive (Birch)
2705 12th Ave S

Nashville, TN
House of St. Clair
Three-Seater in Lunar Grey (Upholstered)
1905 E 12th St

Austin, TX
Marine Layer
Two-Seater in Saffron (Birch)
1333 South Congress, Suite 130 Austin, TX

Blanchard’s Coffee
Two-Seater in Saffron (Upholstered)
3121 W Broad St
Richmond, VA

The Floyd Sofa. The Sofa you won't leave on the curb.



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