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If you are skeptical about affirmations because you think that they are just a bunch of nonsense and some mystical fantasy, I assure you what I am sharing is far from it. If you consistently speak positive affirmations, you can use them to experience a better life without a doubt. Why? Because you are programming your mind, changing the focus from negative to positive, and using faith, which is very important to do if you want to change.


positive affirmations you can use

Affirmations, Fad, or Authentic?

It is not anything new or mystical. Professional athletes, performers, and just about anyone who achieves an exceptional level of success uses these in some form or fashion. Visual images or movies in the mind that show themselves as already having or doing what we want.

Even in the comedy “Waterboy,” coach Kline told the waterboy to visualize and attack. If we cannot see ourselves as having or doing something, then we won’t.

While not everyone has a setlist that they frame and put on the wall, you can bet that anyone achieving high levels of achievement has learned to speak to the mountain of challenges they faced on the way up. The more a person has been through, the more the human tendency is to focus on all the problems and reasons they cannot experience something.

the mind is the master control of our life and what we attract in it

Fighting The War Within

Unless we do something to change this, we will have a tough time getting close to what we want or desire. Habits need repetition to form and stick, and the worst practices most of us have are with our thinking.

Habits form when we do something so often that the body knows how to do it better than the mind. In the case of words and thoughts, our subconscious takes over without needing any help from our conscious mind. The patterns of words and phrases that we have always used, always thought, and have always kept us from going where we want must be replaced.

Negative patterns in our minds cripple us from achieving anything different or new because it requires no effort and no energy and flows naturally. This is why speaking positive affirmations can be useful for many of us. By helping us to reprogram our minds for what we want and for where we want to go, we can silence the negative voices of the past and the dream killers that keep us from experience the best life possible.

What Do You Have To Lose?

What do we risk by making a list of affirmations and repeating them every day? We risk losing all the garbage in our minds of doubt and disbelief that we can change and have what we want. That is fine with me because I know it is my thoughts and not anyone or anything else that holds me back and keeps me from progress.

Think of positive affirmations as the medicine our minds need to overcome obstacles and barriers that get in our way. Did not Jesus say to “speak to the mountain?”. Indeed He did, and He instructed that we do in faith and without a doubt.


Well, What If I Don’t Believe What I Speak?

At first, we may not believe a word we speak when it comes to affirmations about ourselves and our situations. If we stick with it, stay determined, and keep speaking the same affirmations with growing confidence and assurance, our faith will begin to grow until we accept these positive affirmations as facts in our minds.

You must believe in achieving, and you must see what is not actually happening before you will see it with your eyes. The very definition of faith is this. “Now, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen.” (Hebrews 11:1)

If we can see it, then we do not need faith or belief. And without faith, scripture declares, it is impossible to please God. What we do need to do is see it in our minds and believe. Christians often bypass this thinking, assuming they are somehow more spiritual by not using affirmations when, in fact, the opposite is true.

What is the purpose of scripture memory? To show off and make us look godly? Or is it to build up our faith and our knowledge of God and who He is along with who He says we are?

Is it easy for you to accept that you are perfectly holy in the sight of God because of Jesus? Probably not because we know we sin and stumble in so many ways. Knowing verses and repeating and repeating them helps us overcome our fleshly tendencies of focusing on the contrary, self-defeating accusations we create in our minds, which hold no truth.

chain breaking apart

Positive Affirmations Are Not Some Quick Fix Solution

Positive affirmations are not magic, but they can be one way to combat this never-ending cycle of filling our thought life based on our latest mistakes or failures. Words are powerful.

When the Lord came to Gideon, he addressed him as a mighty man of valor. Gideon at the time had done nothing worthy of such an honorable title, yet that is how the Lord referred to him.

God was affirming Gideon how He planned to use him and equip him to become precisely that.

We can speak into existence things that can change our lives and the world around us if we are willing. Thoughts and words carry the most powerful of all life on earth to bring about change and create whatever man’s mind can believe.

Affirmations are not some quick fix drive-through solution to all your woes. The Lord spoke things that came to pass sometimes after thousands of years, yet they still came in their due time.

If you speak positive affirmations over your children from birth, it will undoubtedly have a significant influence on their lives. Telling your child that they are valuable and speaking words of faith to them in areas they may struggle in will help them to change their attitude and outlook on those areas. Or if we take the easy road and criticize with negative words, that will only confirm that they are somehow inadequate.


Where To Begin?

So what affirmations should you use? Well, while there are countless videos and posts on the subject that are very good and may help you get started, you should tailor these in a more personal specific way. Just using such a generic affirmation that has no feeling or meaning in your life does little good.

Instead, make every word that you speak one that carries with it real meaning and purpose. Think of what you want and where you want to go and create your terms of faith and belief.

Getting started can leave us with a blank sheet of paper, and I have been there. So, I will give you a list of ideas you can use and incorporate into your life to get you on your way. Remember this. It is far better to speak and think with a positive mindset than to carry on in the negative thoughts we all experience.

We do not have to sit back and take what comes our way and allow those thoughts to consume and control our lives.

We can choose our thoughts and, as a result, decide how we think and feel and create the kind of life and future that we want.

Here Are Some Examples You Can Use

Remember, these are examples, and the key is to tweak them to fit what you want or what you need to improve on in your own life.

  • Every day, I live my dream.
  • I am healthy, wealthy, and wise.
  • I am a winner and a champion
  • I look for the best in everyone
  • I think and speak good about everyone
  • I always see the good in every situation
  • I am in control of my thoughts and my life
  • I withhold judgment on whether some event is good or bad until I have all the facts.
  • Today is a great day
  • I am grateful for what I have right now
  • I leave every situation better than it was before I arrived
  • I look to add value to the lives of others
  • I always seek to serve others
  • I am happy
  • I am that which I want to be
  • I always have more than enough money for anything I need or want
  • I do not have to work hard for money. I let my money work hard for me
  • I have more money in the bank than I know what to do with
  • I give thanks for a quick and substantial increase in my financial income now
  • God is my supply, and His supply is infinite
  • There is enough money for everyone
  • I have a large, steady, dependable income now
  • The law of supply is as real as the law of gravity, and I will never let go of the belief that God will supply all of my needs.
  • I am rich, healthy, and happy, and every phase of my life is in divine order.
  • All things work out in the end
  • I am lucky
  • I am blessed
  • I live my life with purpose and thinking about what I want, not what I do not want.
  • I am always in alignment with my purpose.

Try saying these to yourself and feel each word and associate them with your life:


  • merciful
  • truthful
  • steady
  • complete
  • content
  • thankful
  • lucky
  • blessed
  • desired
  • loved
  • liked
  • admired
  • respected
  • respectful
  • friendly
  • joyful
  • dependable
  • consistent
  • adventurous
  • pleasing
  • serving
  • teaching
  • fit
  • innovative
  • creative
  • attractive
  • confident
  • thoughtful
  • grateful
  • unique
  • special
  • honest
  • sincere
  • funny
  • fun
  • hardworking
  • nice
  • strong
  • powerful
  • interesting
  • wise
  • smart
  • intelligent
  • generous
  • romantic
  • loving
  • sensitive to others
  • gifted
  • genius
  • humble
  • faithful
  • hopeful
  • learning
  • growing
  • improving
  • brave
  • independent
  • a team player
  • positive
  • beautiful
  • wonderful
  • experienced
  • comforted
  • comforting
  • refreshed
  • refined
  • a good listener
  • a good friend
  • an excellent father or mother
  • am a good son or daughter
  • wealthy
  • rich
  • slow to speak
  • prepared
  • tolerant
  • diplomatic
  • patient
  • caring
  • purpose-driven
  • living my dreams
  • achieving my goals
  • living my best life now

If you read through that entire list slowly and think about each word and apply it to yourself, you will feel much better about yourself and thus not focus on the negative junk built up over the years that keeps you depressed and stuck.

You may not believe what you are saying at first, but if you keep at it, over time, you will.

These lists are just examples, I have found many of these very helpful, but you can make your own lists. Just make sure you stretch your mind and habit to include what you want and not just how you see yourself now.

I hope these examples of affirmations will help to get you started. Feel free to leave any you use in the comments below so that others may benefit.




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  1. Nice article up there…it really entails alot of knowledge needed to forge forward in the marking and blogging industry..to be a successful blogger one has to be constant with such article that talks and prepares you on how to overcome issues that arises in the process of blogging and hence help keep you going

  2. If ever there was a time for positive affirmation then it must be now. Do they work or don’t they? My own view is that this is something of a self fulfilling prophecy.  If you want them to work if you believe in them then they almost certainly will work because there is great untapped power in the sub conscious and if you fed it positivity it will pay you manifold in positive attitude and output.

    On the other hand if you do the opposite, if you just go through a superficial ritual but fundamentally don’t believe then your mind will operate just a like a parachute; which of course we all know will work if it is open.

    Thanks an informative and entertaining post


    1. Hamish,

      thank you for your comments and I agree with you. My hope is, that even if someone is unsure and doesn’t fully believe, over time if they stick with it, they will begin to increase their belief and in the meantime spend less time focusing on the negative. 

      Thanks again,


  3. I must say the topic is an interesting one  because we are a product of what we say we are…Being positive is something that has a long role to play in our lives because you are programming your mind, changing the focus from negative to positive..We must learn to resist negative thoughts because our subconscious takes over without needing any help from our conscious mind.

    1. Wilson,

      Thank you for checking out the post and for your comments. I agree that resisting the negative is something we must learn to do but the rewards of it are worth the time and effort.


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