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Smush Image Compression and Optimization

This is an excellent plugin for image compression and lazy loading that can increase your website speed. Offer both free and pro.

I have been using the free version for about a week now, and It is by far the best I have used. They really give you service, and you feel like it’s a premium.

Why not give it a try if you use a lot of images like I do and find your website slowing down. They have a lazy load and will optimize all of your images for you. I give it two thumbs up and believe they are going to be very popular.



Creative Commons Photos 


Image and video hosting service. Create a free account or pro version.

Getty Images

Premium Royalty-free stock photos and videos. Multiple pricing plans. They have made millions of their photos free as well.


In their own words, they have the world’s quirkiest collection of free high-resolution pictures. And after viewing some of them, I was very amused.

IM Free

Free web design resources all for commercial use. Images, templates, Icons, graphics, and more.

iStock Photo

Purchase through credits or subscriptions for royalty-free stock images, videos, audios, and illustrations. You can sign up for free and get one image per week at no cost.

Library of Congress

They have a selection of images you can use and reuse.  This link will take you to the portal for those images.


Public Domain Pictures. Free and premium.

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Unique, handpicked, free photos


Premium Images or sign up for their free 10 images per month plan for one month. After, it is $29 per month.

Free stock pictures free from copyright restrictions.

Stock Vault

A free stock photo community where photographers & artists can share their photos and artwork. They offer Free Stock Photos as well as premium.


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They have a library of over 1.5 million photos. They have photos you can download and use for any project without fear of using a photo that violates a license.

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons logo

A collection of 60,890,909 freely usable media files to which anyone can contribute.

Envato Elements

graphic templates, video templates, stock photos, music tracks, web templates, and more.

You can purchase their ultimate creation subscription for less than $17 a month and gain access to a large library of resources or browse through individual videos or images and pay for the ones you want.


A licensed PREMIUM video footage from some of the very best filmmakers.

They offer an online video search platform. This can save you a lot of time from searching through various websites to find a video.

Find footage, footage industry news, and footage and creative directories.


 Must create an account to use the free stock videos, and you get 5 per month. They also have free images, and there are premium images and videos as well.


You can download free HD clips or purchase videos.

They categorize their videos based on location, so if you want video footage from a specific place, this is a good website to find it.


Here you can find quality videos and Images for free as well as paid. No account is needed to download the free stuff.


High-quality videos and images for commercial and non-commercial use. No account is needed to download the free videos or images.


They use smart lossy compression techniques to reduce the size of your PNG files and make your website faster. If you go to their site, you can drop up to 20 images in the box and have them compressed for free.

They also have a premium service for those who need to compress more images.

Filmora Video Editor

Free advanced video creator. (Windows, Mac)


Free advanced video creator for Windows, Mac, or Linux

Adobe Premiere Pro

Edit videos for film, TV, and the web. 7 days free, then US$20.99/mo

Adobe After Effects

Premium, but they offer a free trial.

Apple iMovie

Want to edit video on your smartphone or iPad when you not at home, now you can (iOS/ Mac OS) Free


Free, open-source 3D creation. You may use the content for any reason for eternity if you want to. – (Windows, Mac, Linux)


Free, open-source GNU. Video editing and composition program. (Linux)

DaVinci Resolve  16.2

Edit your videos, add effects, create a movie. Free and Premium, professional editing (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Wondershare Filmora9 video editor

Free video editor ideal for beginners. (windows, Mac)


Free, entry-level video editing app. You can download their free video converter and video downloader.

Hitfilm 4 Express

Free or Pro Version, somewhat advanced,  professional effects (Mac, Windows)


free, good editor for YouTube videos.

Lumen 5

online video creators for social media marketing. they offer free and paid plans starting at $19 per month/billed yearly.

Movavi Video Editor Plus

(similar to iMovie)


Free, open, award-winning video editor. GNU General public license. Features include custom platform, trim & splice, and animation & keyframes.

Pinnacle Studio

video editing software with plans with enhanced timeline editing starting at $49.95


Free and open-source video editing app. with ready-to-use graphics.

Video Pad

Free – their best feature is sound mixing. (Windows)


Create your own professional animated videos. They aim to make creating these types of videos easy for anyone to do. They offer a free trial, and plans start at $299 per year.

design tool




Canva Pro

The most comfortable drop and drag builder I have used and continue to use.  They allow me to quickly and professionally create any visual project for my website or business.

Their free service blows away most paid services, and after switching briefly, I quickly returned to Canva. They are hands down the way to create visual content professionally and virtually any project you can think of.


The top link will take you to a page that shows you all they offer and information if you are interested in their affiliate program.

Update 4-18-20 – FYI, Canva offers free lifetime access to Canva Pro for all Non- Profits and Public Health Organizations.


Snappa’s website offers photos, templates, and a design tool, much like Canva.

This one is slightly cheaper per month at only ten bucks, and once you pay that, you have access to everything with no additional charges.

Miracle Canvas

 A company that allows you to print out your photos on canvas.

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