Health And Fitness Affiliate Marketing Programs

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Health and Fitness Affiliate Marketing Programs




Info:   Affiliate for the largest private supplements wholesaler online. 10% commissions, 30day cookies. Thousands of products for sports nutrition and health.



BBF Better Body Foods

Info:  Makers of popular brands,  PBfit and LIVfit. Affiliate sign-up through ShareAsale. 



Bean Products

Info:    Products for fitness, health, wellness, meditation, and yoga. 15-30% commissions, 30-day cookies. 10% commissions on all sales, sign-up through ShareAsale.


Beyond Yoga

Info:   Promote a Yoga-inspired collection of workout clothes—10-12% commissions, 45day cookies. 

Info:    You can earn money driving traffic to their nutrition store or their subscriptions. They provide banners, text links, and fresh articles to help you promote their offers.



Info:   Promote a yoga program in an e-book for wellness and weight loss. Earn up to 70% commissions. (book sells for $47) Apply for the program through Click Bank.




Info:   They offer e-books on building your own Yoga business: 30% commissions, 30day cookies.




Info:    Promote health and nutritional supplements. 12-20% commissions, can sign up through Affiliate Network or CJ, but CJ pays less, so go with Affiliate Network. Pay through Pay Pal on the 15th of every month.




Info:     Direct visitors to Fitbit products from your website or blog. The top seller of wireless digital fitness products.




Info:    Offers 10% commissions and 10day cookies. They are a leading Yoga and Wellness Brand. Sign-up through  Rakuten Marketing.




Info:    Earn 5% commissions on referred sales. Can apply through CJ Affiliate Network, FlexOffers, Pepperjam, Viglink, or Skimlinks.


Healthy Goods

Info:  Promote raw, organic, vegan foods and natural whole food supplements.




Info:   Program has 30% commissions and 6month cookies. Promote products from a certified personal trainer, registered yoga teacher, and exercise specialist.




Info:    The world’s largest alternative medicine community. Can join through ShareASale, CJ, or PepperJam. 10% commissions, 60day cookies.




Info:   Promote a fitness program in an e-book by a leading fitness instructor: 30% commissions, sign-up through Click Bank.




Jade Yoga 

Info:   Earn 20% /commissions, 30 day cookies. Promote their eco-friendly yoga mats—Sign-up through Refersion.


Life Fitness

Info:   Leader in fitness equipment. Access to Life Fitness and Hammer Strength home fitness equipment, Earn 8% commission on every sale, Average order volume over $3,000, 30-day cookie life, Free and easy sign-up.



Info:   Offer 8% commissions, 30day cookies.  Promote nutrition, clothing, and dietary needs.



New Vitality

Info:   Skincare products and supplements. 10% commissions, 15day cookies. Higher commissions on select promotions. Display ads, text links, and product feed. The average sale is $98.11 with a 1.53%  conversion rate.



Pure Prescriptions

Info:   Sign-up to be an affiliate through Pepperjam Aff. Program to promote their large selections of vitamins and supplements. 15% commissions, 30day cookies.


Rainbow Light

Info:   Promote food-based supplements: 15% commissions, 45day cookies.



SG Health Affiliate Program

Info:  Platform of health affiliate programs you can advertise for. 



Info:  Sunfood Superfoods offers supplements, healthy superfoods, and skincare products.

Sign up through the CJ affiliate Program. Earn 10-20% commissions depending on the product

Sura Flow

Info:   Top Certified Training for teachers and coaches. You can earn up to $600 per sale with their flagship training: 14% commissions, 30day cookies.


Tropical Oasis

Info Promote liquid vitamins, minerals, and supplements—25% commissions for the customer’s life, 90day cookies.




Info:    Skin, Fitness, and supplement plans based on your DNA. 10% commissions, 30day cookies.


Vitamin Packs

Info:  Offer 25% commissions, 30day cookies. Vitamin home delivery service.


Vitamin World

Info:    Offer 45day cookies. Average orders are between $65-$125; commissions vary based on product.



Info:    Website offering over 1,500 yoga classes. 12% commissions, 30day cookies.


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  1. This is a very interesting article as its contents clearly States out what and how you can go about to keep a healthy and fit body without causing much stress to your health skin or diet… goes beyond exposing how you can afford these goals as a marketing program and even as an individual consumer

  2. Health and Fitness would be an excellent niche to be in right now.  Even with social distancing, people can still work out both inside and out.  Also, after we stuff ourselves at Christmas time, everybody tries to get back into their fitness routines at about this time of year.  Its the perfect time to be in this niche and this list is extremely helpful to those who are!

  3. Thank you for putting these affiliate programs together. I’m looking for some program regarding Yoga. You have a few that I will look into it.

    I like the BrilliantYoga, earning up to 70% commission, is great. I hope their program is good.

    When choosing an affiliate program, I will look at those that have at least 30 days cookie.

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