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So, you may have to bust out some walls to keep all those shoes?

I am not sure who owns the record for acquiring the most shoes for personal use, but I am almost sure it is a man — just kidding, although some men take collecting basketball shoes very seriously.

Shoes are just something where many women tend to be passionate about. Not a thing wrong with that. I think shoes are essential.

Hey, my mom loved shoes, OK?

I will not bore you with details on the type of shoe or any of that in this article. Instead, I want to help you with a much bigger problem.

If perhaps the shoes you own have taken over a zip code in your State, take up too much of the closet floor, the bathroom floor, the hallway, and have now found their way to the backyard patio, I want you to know, there is hope, and I am here to support you in your hour of need.

variety of shoes

OK, seriously, shoes are just that thing that ladies must have variety and selection of at all times.  Wearing the same shoes won’t do. So how do you keep your shoes?

What style are you using?

Are you a stuffer? A slinger? Or perhaps you are a stacker? Regardless of what category you fall in, or maybe one I left off is the one that describes you, It is never too late to change and become a neat Freaker.


Stay with me here, and I will take you to shoe heaven where all shoes, regardless of size, color, or smell (sweet smells, of course), can have their very own home.

Someplace where they can belong and be admired and appreciated.

No more should your shoes lay in a pile of indifference or feel as though they have no value and no more worth than to lay in some dark, creepy closet.

Never again should our shoes be subject to the barbaric torture from the family dog where he can viciously chew away at their helpless leather.

And safe from having to endure the harmful elements of the back patio and mother nature.

Yes, dear, it’s time for you to give your footwear what they deserve.


No, I am not talking about air fresheners or custom insoles. It’s not a new polish they need.

They need a home!

Lucky for you, I have a solution. A utopia for any shoe, shoe bliss if you will. I know you have seen those prisons called shoeboxes.

I, too, was once drawn by their glitter and shine, their straight, organized appearance. But really, how could you consider such a prison for something so valuable. It is time to let your shoes go.

And Let’s be honest; over time, those shoeboxes are going to get dirty. And I don’t know about you, but cleaning 175 plastic boxes with a toothbrush is not my idea of a fun weekend.

scrubbing a toilet

Allow me to suggest a better way, a better life for you minions. And that is can find that better life at Easyclosets.com.

Why do I think this is the way? First of all, it’s the humane thing to do for your shoes instead of shutting them up in a box where they cannot get air.

Secondly, how are you going to stuff your knee-high boots in that tiny little box?

I guess you could cut a hole in the top, and at least they would have air, but that will look silly and could cause jealousy among the herd.

What I like most about easy closet shoe designs is the flexibility you have to adjust the shelves for every shoe you have. Sandals, boots, tennis shoes, whatever you have will fit just right.

And even cooler is not only do they sell adjustable shoe organizers, but you can also use their design tool and design one the way you want it. They are a shoo-in to get my vote as the way to go.

I know I like to keep it all lighthearted and enjoy myself, And I must say I like the shoebox look. But, over time, I think most women with all the different types of shoes and sizes they have, going with something less uniform is a better idea.

Something to think about is that once you have all your shoes placed inside one of these organizers, it’s going to look great, give you instant views of all your shoes ( except in extreme cases where multiple closets and rooms may be necessary), and make choosing which one to wear convenient and straightforward.

Who wants to dig for 20 minutes when they are in a hurry and running late, through a pile of shoes only to discover that the ones you want to wear are no longer together and we now have a missing shoe.

You won’t find them on a milk carton because no one cares about lost shoes. You know you have seen them lying on the side of the road before at some point. Or in the middle of the way. And you just drove on by.

Don’t let that be your shoes!

Hopefully, you have in your mind a better way now. I hope I have opened your eyes to shoe oppression and that you will never go back to where you were before.

Try as I did. It is doubtful that I prepared you for the heavenly shoe organizer that you can see below.

Below the picture are the details from Easyclosets themselves, so no more of my sarcasm and craziness. ( until you scroll down past the pic and description, then it’s on!)

easy closets shoe organizer

Gather all of your sandals, sneakers, flats, heels, and boots together, showcasing your whole collection on an elegant shoe wall.

A convenient centralized location makes it easier and more efficient to find and put away your shoes each day. Shown in Driftwood with Silver shelves, this floor-based system has eight Adjustable Shoe Organizer towers and molding for a built-in look.

Select the number of towers you want to organize your shoe collection, and adjust the storage space at any time with steel shelves that move up and down quickly.”



Adjustable steel shelves can be moved up or down quickly as shoes and seasons change–no tools required.

Open storage Lets you showcase your shoes, making it easy to browse your entire collection at once – a glance, grab, and go.

Refined lines and colors create a gridwork that frames each pair like art, fitting seamlessly into your custom closet organizer.

I always have fun writing and sharing with you here. My desire for you is that you are having a great day and have fun with the things in life, such as products, style, and preferences.

Everything in life matters

Anything worth your time is worth you getting the best value for it.

I may joke around, but I do not take lightly your time spent here and my intention, as hard as it may seem at this point, is that you see the difference between what may look calm but, in the end, isn’t going to be the best solution to your organizing needs, and what works best over time.

There are endless shoe organizers out there, so pick the one you want and enjoy the convenience and organization they can bring in your home.

Being organized is fabulous, but you should always keep in mind the practical.

Things can be perfectly organized and look great, and yet getting to them requires something far too difficult to make sense.

Or maybe it’s just the durability or way it looks five years from now. I would rather have a few things, and they are of high quality, than have a lot of junk or things that don’t last.

We sometimes tend to view storage and organization in light of the cheapest we can get is what we will buy.

I think buying something once and never having to worry about replacing it and always being proud of the way it looks and feels is far better. I have done both many times and with many types of products.

Now I am not suggesting you have to spend a fortune on a storage box by having it decorated with 14-carat gold and diamond studs, but I think it is smart to perhaps save for something that’s going to last and that you will still like a few years down the road.

I am an expert only because I own six pairs of shoes myself. No, make that seven or eight. I think I have a couple laying on the….oops. I made my little happy place for my shoes don’t get upset.

They are the most satisfied group of organized leather this side of the Mississippi.

Or you could have a homemade job like mine, but seriously, why would you?


And even if you never buy anything to use for shoe storage, there are always free alternatives by being creative and creating your storage solutions.

Have a great day, and I look forward to hearing from you all soon,

God bless,


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