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I started looking at websites that offer custom-designed closets and posting some information here to help decide which site to go to without having to look at them all.

These reviews are all my opinions which means they are perfect. But, oops, I meant to say that we all have our opinions, and these are simply mine, and I hope they help.

If you are in the market for or perhaps just curious about a master bedroom closet organizer system or a custom closet you design or have designed for you, then you will want to keep reading this as well as the previous post.

Much of the information I have provided is basic and simple, and I have added my views as I navigate these sites and things that stand out to me. Now I want to cover some more available websites, give you some information about the company, and details about their closets.

Closet Factory

logo for closet factory

Creators of the industry’s first truly custom closets over 30 years ago, the closet factory began in California. They began designing systems from the floor up, which was unique from the wall-hung systems used everywhere. They opened their first location in 1983 and now have over 50 locations nationwide.

There is A clever slogan, ” no one puts more into your closets than we do,” that they use, and after taking a look at their massive website, I can’t argue with that.

Under their category of custom closets, they offer subcategories in:

  • closet organizers
  • dressing rooms
  • finesse systems
  • reach-in-closets
  • shoe closets ( for the men, of course)
  • walk-in-closets
  • wardrobe closets
  • and wood

Closet Factory boasts of highly trained designers, exceptional craftsmanship, high-grade materials, and lifetime warranties.

I was very impressed with their reach-in-closets, all very nice with tons of accessories and touches to make your closet the best it can be.

Just a few of the items they offer are:

  • glass doors
  • velvet divider trays
  • and inserts
  • and double-layered jewelry drawers
  • secret drawers for security 
  • LED strip lighting for the top as well as the sides of drawers or shelving.


  closet maid logo              

Founded in 1965 in Delray Beach, Florida, this company was the first to manufacture ventilated wire shelving for closets. Very common in laundry rooms, kid’s rooms, kitchen pantries, and garages.

But I don’t think that’s all they offer because they also have a large selection of Laminate wood closets as well. They began with a desire to help people with storage in their homes, and while they have grown, this is still what they do.

You can go with one of their more popular choices or use their top menu that has a drop-down tab with six categories which include:

  • closet storage accessories
  • garage storage
  • cubes-bins-drawers
  • kitchen storage
  • furniture
  • design

I looked at their closet storage primarily and found that they have quite a selection of choices for their customers to pick from. I selected the Space Creations brand, which featured reach-in closets as well as closets for other rooms. You can choose the color, style, hardware, course, size, and overall design as they have various arrangements.

If being hands-on throughout choosing a closet is something you prefer, then they have design tools that are quite nice to use. You can select which room in your house you want to design, and for the sake of our topic, reach in and walk-in closets for the bedroom.

Just make sure you have the measurements of your closet, or you will not get very far in your design.

Their closet brands include Selftrack, SuiteSymphony, SpaceCreations, and Impressions and come in various colors depending on the selected brand.

There were six color choices in the SpaceCreations brand and colors with different drawer styles, frames, and trim.

If someone struggles with decision-making, then this will be a good exercise in sharpening their skills. There are many choices, and pictures of each item are displayed by themselves so that you can compare and see the differences between styles, etc.

And whether designing is your thing or not, they will accommodate your needs. Here are the choices that they have to pick from your design with their design tool. Then, they design your closet with their professional designers and customize it with their 3D design tool ( note: this tool is not compatible with internet explorer).

Next, they have cube design, and the last choice is for them to do it all from design to installation of your closet. So if all the work in design and choices isn’t what you want and want them to do all the work, they have you covered.

They offer free shipping on orders over $200 and will also help you locate an authorized dealer close to you.


IKEA logo

IKEA had its humble beginnings in a rural Swedish community in 1943. A 17-year-old boy named Ingvar Kamprad started by selling picture frames, pens, wallets, and other household items.

Long before the internet, cell phones, and infomercials, and not being close to a major city where he could access customers, this bright young man used a catalog to sell his products.

IKEA came from his name, the farm where he grew up, and a nearby village. ( Ingvar Kamprad Etmaryd Agunnaryd). A unique way to create a name and a unique story. Today IKEA franchises are worldwide and well-known by anyone in the home furnishing industry and organization.

The website, just like the company, is rather large, and so I tried not to get too far off course and distracted by all the products services they have, but I think worth mentioning is their IKEA Family Loyalty program.

It doesn’t cost you anything, but it can, in some cases, save you up to 50% on your purchases, so I highly recommend joining if you plan to buy anything on their site. 

I looked at the Pax brand primarily during my visit. There were 12 different colors to choose from, excellent and unique designs. I especially liked some extras, such as door handles that had a great deal of style and would be the perfect complement to a Pax closet.

Nothing ordinary about the wardrobe closets and corner closets I saw, and I was especially drawn to a man’s wardrobe closet, which I thought was something that would make a perfect gift for you to buy me this Christmas. Hey, it is never too early to start planning. It will be here before you know it.

Seriously, the Pax/Komplement wardrobe closet is a unique design with drawers like a dresser, pull-out tray, and two large shelves on the left side.

On the other side, there are two compartments for hanging clothes, one on the bottom and one on top. This would be enough for many men to keep all of their clothes, hats, and accessories in and is quite compact.

If I could name one thing that I liked the most, it would have to be the overall designs that I saw and the sliding doors on their wardrobe closets.

The sliding doors, which make very little noise and eliminate the frustrations of standard swinging doors, are made from several kinds of materials, colors, and styles. As with all the companies we have looked at, Accessories are extras, and they had some excellent ones to add to your closet.


wayfair logo

While newer than the ones we have previously looked at, this mega home improvement company has made up for the lost time and grown to have an online product selection of over 14 million. They are the largest e-commerce destination for home furnishings and decor.

Started by two college friends, Steve Conine and Niraj Shah, in 2002, they would expand to over 250 standalone websites, which sold just about anything that you would find in a home. Then, in 2011, they took all of their e-commerce sights and combined them into what we now know as Wayfair.

I typed in their search bar “custom closets,” and there were 32 pages that had closets on them. It took quite some time to look through these pages, and what struck me the most was their variety in the selection of colors or types of materials and the varying types of systems.

Numerous Brands, from the super inexpensive to the elaborate but different from the ones I have seen.

They had by far the biggest selection of wall-mounted closet systems out of the sites I have looked through.

The variety of metal, wood, ventilated, solid shelves, track systems, even the lightweight cloth and plastic that most anyone could afford was enough to convince me that they take closets seriously. I was thrilled when I finally made it to page 33, and I will admit I skipped 7 pages to get there, but I was exhausted.

The different arrangements they offer in their closets systems are numerous, and if a wall-mounted system is what you want, then I don’t think you find a better selection anywhere. Wayfair also offers discounts if you give them your email address, well worth it if you plan to buy from their site.

I hope you learned something that will help you in your custom closet quest, and I will continue to visit sites with custom closets and other organization products in the days and weeks to come.




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