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There are so many good choices out there when it comes to picking the closet you want. There are closet organizers for any size closet in any room or hallway available to us. So as you move forward, some things are helpful for you and some things you need to be aware of as you make your purchase for a closet.

Start at the beginning.


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Before you see something you like and run out and buy it, thinking your closet will be amazing and look just like the closet in the picture, grab a tape measure and get the dimensions of the closet you are about to renovate.

Write these down and keep them on your computer. While some things would fit in just about any closet, it isn’t a size fits all, and knowing exactly what fits and what doesn’t could save you some heartache and trouble later on.

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Remember that many companies out there have containers that stack on top of each other storage and sections that you can buy separately without purchasing an entire closet.

This can be a big plus if you are doing a tiny closet or on a tight budget.

Another thing I recommend doing is to take a look at what you need for your closet to be able to organize all your clothes and accessories and determine how much room you need for each of them.

image of closet with shirts hanging down

If you have twenty pairs of shoes, you want to make sure that you get a closet with shelves to put your shoes on.

If you have a lot of anything, such as hats or ties that you want to put in there, then create your own or add this to the closet design.

The idea of having a customized closet is so that you can store all the things you want in a way that looks nice, helps you find what you need, and be conveniently accessed.

A large number of dresses or suits you plan to keep in your closet is no big deal. Just plan your closet accordingly and allow more space for what is most important for you.

It would be a shame to spend time and money and, in the end, still not have what you wanted. It is your closet, and you can decide how it should be designed and what goes where.

Better to verify than to assume

You may be thinking that once you select a closet for your home and the delivery truck is on the way that once your products arrive, you will have everything you expected.

However, you need to check out what comes with your purchase as well as what does not.

Hardware, for example, that you to fasten your new shelves and rods and whatever else you chose, may not come with your purchase.

closet accessories

from Easy Closets

To find out before you buy and make sure to get the hardware from the place you buy the items where possible to avoid having to run to the hardware store later and search for the right hardware.

Items like tie racks, hooks for belts, shoe storage, valet rods, doors, and drawers may not be included but are often available.

It is best not to get in a trance and develop tunnel vision over something you see that you want, and forget to pay attention to all the little details that can suddenly stop your project in its tracks later on when it comes time to install.

Not that I have any personal experience with such behavior myself in the past few hours, but it’s just good sense to, as they say in professional boxing before a round, “protect yourself at all times.”

You are a rock star with that custom closet.

Okay, maybe that was a bit much, but I know that when you have the finished product and go to your closet, the way you will feel compared to the way you have been feeling will be drastically better.

And honestly, isn’t that reason enough to follow through and do this for yourself, to feel good now?

I firmly believe that creating spaces that help us feel good is worth the required time and effort.

There are so many things coming at us every day that may not make us feel good so having things that do is important.

I think so. I want to feel good in my home. I want to like what I see and create an environment that makes me feel comfortable, and being organized and customized helps give me a happy heart at home.

shelves that are organized

No doubt it is better in every way than coming home to a mess, waking up to a mess, spending time searching for things that should be right where we put them.

Up until now, there really may not have been a good place to put certain things.

The old box with a shelf and a rod isn’t what most of us need to keep things organized.

Find what you like and choose your style.

So basically, we are just talking about the wood laminate and wire closets.

I prefer wood in the bedrooms, and the wire is more suitable in the laundry room, bathroom, and possibly the kitchen closets.

However, that is my preference, and you may disagree.

Once you determine which path you want to take, my suggestion, or the wrong way ( just kidding ), you will have within either of these excellent choices you made; different woods, different colors, and different ways of installing and connecting the closets.

If you have a sleek modern look in your bedroom, then going with something that does not flow with your closet design might be strange.


For example, to have such a modern bedroom decor, then open the closet door and reveal a custom closet that has the look of a country barn may not be the way you want to go.

It’s Perfectly legal in most states, but it just will likely not be something you would want to do to your family.

I am completely confident that someone out there is likely going to do something along those lines. And I salute you because you are willing to be different and do it your way.

You will also be able, on some websites, to create your closet. I think this is the ideal way to go if you have the time. You can pick everything out right now to the hardware and make your closet look and feel the way you want it to.

If nothing else, it may spark your imagination or give you some ideas to help you along.

Going above and beyond

What do you think it says about a person when they are willing to go to all this trouble just for a closet?

To me, it says they care. They are unwilling to settle for average or things in their home and life that they don`t like.

Perhaps some think that our surroundings do not play much of a role in how we feel and function in day-to-day lives. But they can affect us in many ways.

Try not to clean your bathroom or kitchen for a couple of months, don`t cut the grass in your yard all summer long, and let all the fast food bags and cups pile up in your car.

I know this sounds extreme to some, but I am convinced that a cluttered life makes for a cluttered mind. When things are just a big mess all the time, I feel far different than I do when they are organized.

bedroom with storage

I don’t want to be controlled by my things and property. And instead, I want to control them.

I am sure God has a sense of humor, so now you can laugh at me as I leave you with this little characteristic about myself.

I make messes no matter what I do and manage to get whatever I am doing all over me. I can mess up my room or the kitchen in no time at all.

For some, they are like that, and it does not even phase them. I, however, am o.c.d. and I’m not too fond of things unorganized or messy for very long at all.

And so I have to clean up and straighten up constantly to make up for my messy ways, which is why the name of this site is so fitting – I am a neat freak.

A short recap of things to remember:

Start at the beginning

Better to verify than to assume

You are a rock star with that custom closet

Find what you like and choose your style

Going above and beyond

Thank you for your time,



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