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Are you thinking that buying products online is risky?

The question is, do you buy from home furniture stores online? It may sound like a silly question if you talk with the younger generations who had grown up in a much different world than in the world I did.

I know what you may be thinking that it was around the time of covered wagons and the telegraph. Sorry to disappoint you but, not quite.


homary living room furniture

by Homary


Even so, the idea of buying something such as a couch, dresser, or bed online was unheard of then. It still sounds strange to me now, although I have no issues and am thankful that it`s available.

You really can buy from furniture stores online today and feel good about doing it. The constant advancement in service and shipping should make things easier for many people and many different reasons.


For one thing, the internet has not been around that long. No, it is real. I could hear the gasp from younger adults who do not know such things. But yes, believe it or not, the pioneers did not have cell phones. How did they manage?

I do believe all of us, to some degree or the other, struggle with change. Our subconscious mind is a major player who likes usual, calm, comfortable, repetitive, and smooth sailing.

And we should be cautious with our money and who we give it to. So please do not think that this post is in any way a blanket endorsement of online shopping. But, I will say that it will dominate and often be the only alternative in the years ahead.


modern nightstand from Homary

Modern Nightstand from Homarly


I have been buying things online for years now, and except for products I purchased taking longer to arrive than I had hoped, I have never had any problems, been ripped off, or left dissatisfied with the results.

The one or two times In the past 15 years that I did not get what I should have was handled quickly and professionally.  

How Confident Are You to Buy Online?

So how does that play out when you hear or think about buying furniture online? I would imagine that most people over 60 would hesitate, and those under 30 would not blink an eye and be okay with it. Generally speaking, that is.

To me, the advantages far outweigh any feelings of doubt or concern when buying something online, regardless of what it is.


And this is just a thought, but if you have older parents and seem to have no use for the internet, they have survived this long without it, and I am confident they will be just fine.

However, if they are open to the idea, you may want to sit down with them and help them feel more comfortable with the process.


homary night stand

Homary black and white nightstand


My entire childhood, there was no internet, and it is much harder for those who did not grow up with it to accept such dramatic changes. I feel we should remain respectful and understand those who may have different experiences and perspectives on these issues. 

This is not a moral issue, but some may feel uncomfortable because they do not understand the technology, only concrete physical processes they grew up with. 


It took me a long time to convince my mother to upgrade to a smartphone from the old flip phone she used. I just kept explaining the benefits, and it was the ability to receive high-quality images from the family that finally won her over.

To her, the whole thing just looked like a giant, frustrating space toy that had little appeal. She was a straight-A student all during her education, so she was not dumb. She was much smarter than I ever hope to be.

Just take the time to show them the benefits and how to do it. The unknown can be uncomfortable for any of us.

When she finally did, she loved her new phone and quickly learned what she needed to use.

White and gold are some of my favorite combinations in furniture. They look clean, elegant and bring light to the room.



homary white and gold vanity

Homary white and gold vanity


This color vanity in a small space like in the image above is perfect.  Using white doesn’t feel so dark and crowded even though it`s in a very tight space. Light reflects off of the gold trim, making it more than the utility. It has style.




custom banner for buying furniture online


Here are a few of my reasons for buying furniture or other products online


Can shop from home

From your desktop, laptop, i-pad, and cell phone, all required is a form of payment and an internet connection. You can shop in bed (almost as good as breakfast in bed), in the bathroom (lol), in the kitchen, dining room, basement,  garage, porch, on the roof, and anywhere you have a device that has a connection to the web, you can shop. 


Save gas

That you normally put into your vehicle. But more that, save your vehicle and the wear and tear or fit large furniture on or in it, which can be a disaster. I have repeatedly experienced several occasions and can tell you that furniture does not bounce well when going down the highway. 


Save time

This is an understated benefit as we can cut down the time dramatically when shopping online. Time is the one thing we cannot get more of, so we should make the most of our time.


blue and black homery night stand

Homary blue and black round nightstand


Much more to choose from

Now that most businesses have joined the online world of business, it allows us to see more than just the local stores where we live. You do not have to be in the same town, city, state, or country, for that matter which allows you to see products that were unavailable to most people just a few years ago. 

We would have to get a truck or have it delivered anyway

When buying a bed, couch, or other large furniture items, you are not moving the furniture from the store to your home even if you buy it locally unless you have a flatbed truck or moving van handy.  So having it shipped will likely have to happen regardless of whether we order at the store or from home.


We can often get better service.

And find answers quicker than we can in a store. Customer service varies from one company to the next, so better service is not a given.

For me, I prefer using online services to standing in a line or searching for someone. If you get a bad one, then move on to someone else who will treat you right and take care of their customers.

We have the world now at our fingertips, no need to settle for anything less than the best.


You can shop 24-7

And when it is convenient for you. We covered this already. However, I also realize that many people prefer buying in person because it gives them the ability to touch a product physically. 

I will not disagree with that as I enjoy it as well. Going shopping is still something we all will be doing at some level, and just like digital and physical books, we can use both.

Sometimes we think it has to be all or nothing, and that is not the case. We still have choices available to us, and there are benefits to being flexible and having a mixture of ways we may go about our lives. 

But one undeniable benefit of online shopping is that the store never closes!


Some websites have design tools.

Design tools for certain products like custom closets are provided on websites so you can create something unique and to your liking. However, furniture can be designed as well, or if you communicate with a quality store like Homary what you are looking for, they will likely find what you need.

Walmart? Not so much. 


It is easier to find the best deals and compare products on the computer.


Or, you can drive around all day and make it to a few stores and limit your choices. You can do that in just a few minutes on a laptop and see far more. 

And for the elderly or disabled, this is a positive and gives them access to more than they had when they were able to get out and physically shop.


I love this nightstand, and one on each side of the bed would look very nice.

homary modern white nightstand

Homary modern white nightstand




Another thing that some websites offer is actual physical samples. Small examples of whatever products you are buying, such as the different finishes, woods, styles, or colors. That way, you can see up close and touch in your hand and know what you are getting before you commit to buy.

This is a great service for those who insist on seeing and feeling the product themselves before purchasing. 



IMPORTANT: Now, you can purchase securely with websites with SSL certification that keeps out hackers and makes sure your purchases are secure.

Google has already implemented this, so if you happen to go on a website and see a message that reads “website not secure” that you had previously gone to and had no problems with, this is why.

However, If you go to a website and make a purchase, it will most likely open up in a separate window anyway and take you to a secure payment portal.

If not, then leave if you feel that you should. But if it does, it will be noted as such, and then you will have a safe, secure payment page the same as the one required for my website. It just takes you offsite to make the purchase instead of making it there.

My site, for instance, has the SSL, but there are no payments made on my website, so It only matters not to have Google scaring everyone away, which in my case is entirely inappropriate. Kind of like paying for car insurance and taking the bus.

Call it security or control, either way, buying online is not dangerous. Use common sense and caution. And ask questions! If you have older parents and grandparents, sit down and show them this to feel better and not stressed out.

We are all about to see some changes that will make purchasing and identity theft a thing of the past shortly. The technology is here, and so welcome to the future. Blockchain will revolutionize the world in many ways. 



homary modern white nightstand with open drawers

Same nightstand as above with opened drawers



Moving on to more enjoyable subjects like cool furniture, I want to change gears and look at some of my Favorite pieces of furniture which suit my tastes.  I hope you will enjoy and check them out for yourself as I only show a few here.  

These ads are for websites that I affiliate with, and the links will take you straight to their website. There is never any obligation to buy, and I only receive a commission if you purchase using the links I provide, and there is no additional cost.

 The companies and products I advertise for are things I like, admire, or plan to buy myself.


        My Priorities for my choices here:

      Quality          Style             Price    


      (yours may be different, but this is why I chose the ones I did)

A company that I only recently discovered and quickly became an affiliate of is Homary. They have fantastic selections of furniture for those wanting to have quality, stylish, and unique furniture.

If you want to visit their website, click on this link Homary and go to their website.

homary shoe cabinet

The most elegant and unique shoe cabinet I have seen! (from Homarly)

Open view of Homary Shoe Cabinet

Open View of Shoe Cabinet (brilliant!)

While I do not think my shoes need such a castle, it is partly because this is a female type you see above. But even so, it is creative, sleek, modern,  and stylish, and I would definitely consider getting one for my future wife. (That is, when I meet her. 🙂


homarly logo

The entertainment cabinet and coffee table are sold separately and are one of my very favorites. They look amazing together, as you can see.

image of Homary coffee table and entertainment cabinet

This second set, also sold separately, would look just as lovely in my home. Simple, elegant, and I like white and gold.

image of coffee table and entertainment cabinet from Homary

Elegant, modern, and yes, it is white and gold and brightens up the room in style.


High on my list in 2020 is to purchase a new desk and chair. When I think about how much time I now spend on my computer, making sure I am comfortable, having good posture, and the space I need are all important to me.

When it comes to a desk chair, typically, I would want to try it out first. But, when looking at trusted quality brands, there is little risk involved.  If you do end up with something you are unhappy with, most stores have good return policies.

If you buy a chair for $3 off of Wish, you sure did save some money, but you get what you pay for.

image of black and gold desk and chair from Homarly

This amazing desk and chair look good enough for a palace and bring class and style to any room.


This closeable white coffee table with storage is a great idea. Homary has many such items cleverly designed to include the practical inside the beautiful. 

Homary coffee table with hidden storage

image of Homary coffee table closed

Those were just a small sample of their fantastic coffee tables and entertainment centers.  These are quality products that should last a lifetime.



This next gem may be my favorite and should get some awards. I am sure you will agree that this is brilliant once you see it. 

very stylish yet functional, just like the ones we just looked at

sofa-bed blue from Homary

Pillows are included in this one-of-a-kind sofa which converts into bunk beds in the image below. I grew up sleeping on the bunk bed, but nothing looked as nice or as comfortable as this one. And it converts back to an equally impressive sofa.

sofa converted into bunk beds


Bar stools have been a popular item for years in the kitchen or a bar in your home. These come in your choice of 4 colors, and each has a comfortable and stylish look.

Image of bar stools from Homerly

Homary has so many unique items with high quality and fantastic designs that I want one of each.

I realize not everyone shares my tastes, but there is no denying the quality and smart storage spaces they have created, which can be closed up and hidden away when not in use — leaving your room looking clean and organized.

In my opinion, they hit it out of the park with their coffee tables, entertainment cabinets, and overall designs.

Going online and purchasing furniture or practically anything else should not make us uncomfortable and uneasy.

It should allow us to shop with ease and enjoy today’s technology that other generations would have loved to have.

Don’t allow other’s negative experiences, opinions, or comments to affect you and cause you to doubt the benefits we have of being alive at this time in history.


Step into the future


Of commerce and experience having the world at your fingertips by taking advantage of what is available for you.

Most of what we take as truth is someone else’s opinion and not based on facts. Of course, there are always exceptions, mishaps, and downright criminal activities, but these are in no way limited to the web. Like they say before a boxing match, “protect yourself at all times.”

If you are ever unsure or feel something is not quite right, go with your gut, ask questions, or get some expert advice. We do not quit eating due to one bad experience, even if it is food poison.

Everything in life has its moments of uncertainty, but I think these changes we now see are just the tip of the iceberg in the way we shop and obtain our furniture and other products for our homes.

You can now buy a car online, and they will deliver it to your home, something I would do to avoid dealing with car salespeople. Although, I have dealt with a few good ones over the years as well.

 So, regardless of how you feel about the topic or how comfortable you are with online shopping, we will all likely see much more of it in the years to come. Sometimes, we must accept change.

Happy New Year,

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