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Travel Niche Affiliate Programs

Financial Niche Affiliate Programs

Luxury Affiliate Programs You Can Join

Health And Fitness Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate Networks

Affiliate Networks allow you to join a network with thousands of programs that members can then search through and join to promote.

Some require you to submit requests to each product you want to promote, and others, once signed up, can promote any product or company within the network. 

Due to the size of this list, there is a separate directory here at just for those networks.

Affiliate Marketing Tools Directory


Knowing where your visitors are coming from is an essential tool for any online business.

The more details and specifics that you know about your website, the better. In time, most people must pay for traffic, and having the ability to track exactly where your traffic comes from and how they behave on your website helps you focus your time and resources in the right place.

When you are just beginning, a free plugin or google analytics is probably all you need.

As you move forward, you may find that moving up to a premium service will give you more insight and information to help your business.


 A WordPress plugin makes it super simple to add google analytics to your site with a simple click.

No coding is required.

While you can purchase, add-on`s the free version comes with all the basics and allows you to view your analytics from your WordPress dashboard without leaving your website and login into Google Analytics.

Beehive Analytics

Free WordPress Analytics Plugin for tracking customers on your website. Originally a premium-only site, and is now free for anyone to use.

Beehive consistently ranks high in downloads.


ClickMagick is the next generation in funnel tracking and marketing optimization. The platform helps you generate more leads, conversions, and revenues from the same traffic you’re already getting.  Get A 14-Day Free Trial.

Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin for WooCommerce

A viral WordPress plugin for eCommerce, as the name suggests. Users Can set this free plug-in up in about five minutes, and it requires no coding—shopping, checkout, product, and sales reports are all part of this detailed analytics product.


Exact Metrics is a premium WordPress plugin for website analytics that has four different plans. It does come with a 14-day unconditional money-back guarantee, so there is no risk of trying it out. They currently have over one million users and are considered to be a good quality tool.


(formerly Piwik) All in one premium and complete analytics platform where you keep 100% data ownership


Popular WordPress plugin that offers both free and premium analytics services. Their data includes specifics such as age, gender, and the general location of your traffic. No coding is required, so no set-up hassles for beginners.


 It detailed real-time analytics with five different plans to choose from, including a free basic plan.

Google Analytics 

Analytics is a necessary tool for anyone operating a website in today’s world. It helps you track and understand your website’s traffic 24/7. 

WP Statistics

Accessible and straightforward analytics plugin for your website. Much better than having to google or pay for a premium service, especially when you are just starting. I have just started using it myself, and so far, I like it.

Banner Sizes


Blogging Platforms

For places to submit your website or blog, I have created a new directory for that purpose:

This small list is not referring to host sites but places to find and read blogs. You may find many websites to submit your blog to in the search engine and website directory here:


They are the oldest and possibly best blogging platform directory around. Have over 143,000 blog listings that they continually update. They can e a good source of traffic if you should submit your blog to their website.



Here you can read about what interests you. Their stated sole purpose is to help people find compelling ideas, knowledge, and perspectives with an emphasis on privacy as well as a non-focus on advertising.

Brand Management & Coaching 


Bynder helps businesses control content usage, boost brand reputation, and drive brand awareness.


“a complete solution, combining every branding necessity in one place.”

Marcom Central

“A cloud-based marketing portal to help modern marketers empower their teams with custom marketing pieces.”


They can help you manage multiple brands on social media platforms.

Strategic Profits

Strategic Profits is a coaching business that provides an educational platform for entrepreneurs with marketing and business strategies to help them grow.

Change Post Order

If you, for whatever reason, need to change the order in which your blogs appear on your website, there is a simple way. And it is free and just takes a few minutes.

Post-Types Order

The free plugin for WordPress will allow you to drop and drag your post in the order you want them instead of by date posted. Great tool for those who have multiple topics or just want to put a particular post at the top and keep it there.

Design tools for images and videos

Section moved to the new directory here at   Images, Videos, And Creatives Directory

Domain names

Bust A Name 

Not sure if the domain you want is already being used? As soon as you land on Bust A Name, the search tool is right there on the home page.


The oldest domain name generator in the world. They also have some excellent tips for choosing a domain name right on their home page.


Namestall is a domain name generator with multiple search options such as domain name suggestions, brandable domains, High paying keywords, and much more.

Email Marketing


 Successful email marketing and automation platform with tools that help you create quality email campaigns to help grow your business. (affiliate)

Constant Contact

tools to send professional email fast, advanced features to manage events, custom templates, and good support.


An email marketing platform where you can automate everything.

Everest Forms

Free WordPress plugin to Create simple option forms.


Email marketing services you with your email marketing campaigns.


Caldera Forms

A plugin that allows you to build complex forms quickly. Light/free version available. Premium from $14.99 to $549.89. 

Contact Form 7

This plugin is the most popular WordPress form plugin with over 5 million active installs.

It is a bit more challenging to use than many of the new ones. Unfortunately, there is no premium version.

Ninja Forms

WordPress contact form plugin. Drag and drop form builder. The plugin is free, and you can purchase add-ons based on what you need, from $29 to $129. The premium pro version costs from $99 to $499. Currently, they are reducing their prices.


This plugin is for building more advanced forms on WordPress. Free version available. The premium is from $49 – $399


Premium WP form builder with drag and drop interface. Free 14-day trial. Plans from $19 to $249.

WP Forms

This is beginner-friendly, and it`s straightforward to use the plugin. However, you are limited in what you can do with the free/light version. Premium pricing is from $39-$499.  


This plugin is independent and can be used on any website and not just for WordPress. The free version is enough to get started with a small website. You can build custom online forms using their form builder—cloud-based storage. Premium plans are from $19 to $99.

Freelance and Outsourcing 

Writing by Benjamin

If you are looking for some help with writing quality content for your website, this site can provide it for you. In addition, they have clear and detailed pricing, which seems reasonable for quality SEO content. 

99 Designs

 A platform that can connect you with one million freelance designers for creating Logos, Brands, Icons, business cards. You can pay to start a contest for a design you want, search for designers, submit your plans, and much more—a fun, upbeat vibe to this platform.


Premium blog writing services. Pricing starts at  $11.95 per page. If you struggle to create content or write or just do not have the time, something like this would be well worth the investment. Without quality content or services, you will not have a website people will come back to.


Flippa is a platform for buying and selling websites, domains, apps, and online businesses. Over 200,000 people are looking to purchase a website already created. Here you can browse websites and businesses which are already established and profitable with varying prices.


Here you can post a job and outsource almost anything you may need for your website or business. Founded in 2009 and is located in Sydney, Australia.

Free up

Here, you can find freelancers for digital help among the top 1% in their respective areas, such as e-commerce and virtual assistants.


“Squarespace partners with 99designs, a global creative platform, to connect you to Squarespace design Experts.  Your site, done for you. “


There is a large pool of freelancers for almost any project, along with tools to help you contact and communicate during your project. Wide range of pricing, but you have competing to do.

Headline Analyzer for your Blog Posts


This is a free website analyzer tool to help you write better headlines that are often overlooked, and consequently, so are the posts. Just type in your headline and hit the analyze now button. A short form requesting your name, website, and email will come up. So, obviously, the trade-off is information. Once you put in the info, you will get a score based on your headline’s good. In addition, you can save your old headlines on their site and learn about the different types of words to use, such as emotional, power, and common words.


Having technical issues? We all do from time to time. These are some resources that can help you when you run into problems on your website.

WPBeginner- 50 most common WordPress errors and how to fix them

wpmudev – fixing corrupt broken or missing files

Worried about how legit a company is? This website is all about preventing you from being scammed on the web. But, unfortunately, we get scammed for you.

Images, Videos, and Editing Software

As Categories become too big, I create a separate directory for them, which is the case for Images & Videos. It will also have creative websites such as Canva and other alternatives. So, just click this link below to keep you on this site and take you to the images and videos. Thanks.

Images, videos, and creatives directory

Keyword Search Tools


Valuable keyword research tool. I have been using the free version for close to a year now, and it is included with Wealthy Affiliate memberships. I have used it often and found it to be a precious tool.


“Free version of Keyword Tool generates up to 750+ long-tail keyword suggestions for every search term – Unlike Keyword Planner or other tools, Keyword Tool is extremely reliable as it works 99.99% of the time. You can use Keyword Tool absolutely for free, even without creating an account”.


Keyword research and analysis. The most extensive, detailed analysis possible is that they do an outstanding job and allow you to see every flaw to make adjustments on your website and succeed.


gives you keyword suggestions from multiple search engines.


Free keyword tool (an online advertising company)


Keyword and market research tool. Plans are starting at just $27 per month. All plans come with a free trial.

Lead & Landing Pages

landing page builder


 All in one website platform


Landing page creator aimed at helping businesses experience higher conversion rates.


Visual Page Builder with a focus on speed. Instant drag and drop, no coding skills or design skills necessary, and pre-built conversion elements. Here you can build far more than just landing pages. Create professional online courses, quizzes,  or an entire WordPress website.


Premium landing page software.

Link Management & Link Checkers


  • Link management
  • branded links
  • campaign management
  • analytics

Thirsty Affiliates 

  • A paid plugin for affiliate link cloaking. Protect from theft, shorten the link, and keep them organized.

URL Profiler  

A tool for SEO’s to quickly audit links, content, and social data.

Link Checker Tools

Dead Link Checker 

Xenu Link Sleuth

W3C Link Validation Tool

Google Webmaster Tool

WP Plugin For Broken link Check

Power Mapper Link Checker

Check My links Google Chrome Page Checking Plugin


Free Logo

While the name may indicate it is free, it is not. However, you can design your own logo or hire a designer to create one for you. In addition, they offer various services such as business cards and custom banners—many options and products to choose from.

99 Designs

The world’s largest online design graphic marketplace. High quality and you have the option to start a contest where designers can submit their designs for your logo. Or, you can just hire a designer. In addition, they offer full package brandings, such as letterheads, envelopes, business cards, and more.


Logo Garden

“Over 2 Million entrepreneurs and startups have made custom, professional-looking logos in minutes at since 2011.” So they really do offer a free Logo maker where you can design your own logo in minutes. Logo Garden created over 2.3 million logos on its website. In addition, they offer a custom logo design service starting at $39.


Memberships ( add to your site)


Premium WordPress Plug-in for website membership creation has features to create and sell online courses, tools for creating customer badges and quizzes, and a large list of payment gateway integrations you can choose from. Easy to set up as well as to hide and restrict content based on membership levels.


Premium WordPress membership plugin that is easy to use and full of features. It comes with built-in support for Paypal and Stripe payment gateways, integrates with multiple email services, and allows you to restrict access to any content.


MemeberMouse is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create a membership area on your website. Plenty of developer tools and automation with their plans and at reasonable prices.

  • Starter Plan – up to 1,000 members is $19.95 monthly
  • Advanced Plan – up to 50,000 is $99.00. monthly
  • Premium Plan – 100,000 members is $299.00 monthly

Restrict Content Pro

Easy to use, a premium plugin that comes with built-in integrations for payment gateways, email management, and more. If you are selling digital downloads and using  Easy Digital Downloads, this is a good fit. A single site license starts at $99, is one of the easiest to use, and provides extensive documentation along with fast support.

Menu and Page Navigation 

One thing that I believe will become more important for websites to include soon is menus. Many businesses already use the internet, which is a great tool to help your visitors navigate your content on any given post or page. I have found them to be very valuable in my own business and highly recommend you look at this as a possibility to add to yours.

Easy Table of Content 

This is a free WordPress plugin that is simple to use but that gives your viewers a way to see all of the headlines and topics of your post and quickly access any of them from the menu without having to scroll through the entire post.

Table of Contents Plus

An important item to add to your website blog or any content is a table of contents. This particular plugin is free and has worked flawlessly on my website.

Dynamic To Top

The free WordPress plugin is perfect for anyone who wants to improve user navigation by placing arrows at the bottom of your posts to be taken back to the top of the page quickly. Install the plugin, activate it, and that’s it. All of your pages are automatically updated with the new scroll arrow—no bells and whistles but also no headaches.

Online Courses

Digital Chalk

Here, you can create, market, and sell online courses.


Online course builder that also includes features such as website membership, email, and analytics. No special technical skills are required to set up, and they offer things like quizzes, contact forms, and much more. In addition, you can create courses with video, images, text, audio, and PDF files.


Create online courses and membership sites. You can test drive their core features for free. They have several plans starting at $49 per month.


Looking to learn? Here you can choose from the world`s largest selection of online video courses to take, starting at $12.99 each. (100,000 courses)  Business, design, IT & software, music, photography, personal development, marketing, and more.

Payment Gateways




Simplify Commerce



Merchant e Solutions




We get the term ping from the sound that solar energy makes in a submarine when it detects other vessels in the ocean. This tells the submarine the distance other ships are from where they sent the signal. The Internet and (ICMP) Internet Control Message Protocol Echo Request is sent to a specific host to ensure the host is reachable across the IP Network. It measures the time it took from start to finish. This tool can use to speed up the indexing of new content. Sound complicated? Yeah, me too. Keep it simple and think of it as playing ping pong with someone and measuring the time and distance between each volley. That may be a gross simplification, but it helps us to have an idea of the term. 




At Pingmyurl, you can also check your site ranking, and they offer free directory submissions.


Crowdsignal Polls & Ratings

(formally Polldaddy) Free WP Plugin for creating polls, surveys, quizzes, responses, and votes.

Responsive Poll

A premium WordPress plugin that enables you to create polls on your website easily. They have seven animated charts for displaying the voting results from those who participate. You can post polls on a single page, and they use the  HTML5 canvas element, which supports all modern browsers. The plugin is fully customizable. The regular license is $16, comes with 6mons support, can add 4.13, and extends for full 12mon support. The Extended License is $80. (By Envato Market)


Free WordPress Plugin customizable via templates and CSS styles. It supports multiple answers and has over 100,000 active installs in 11 languages and a 4-star rating.

Democracy Poll

Free WordPress plugin for creating polls on your site. Customizable with both single and multiple voting, visitors can add answers, you can set the end date, plugin menu in the toolbar, and fast performance: 10,000 active installations and a 5-star rating.

Yop poll

Free WordPress plugin can run multiple polls simultaneously, single or multiple answers, and display numerous polls on your website. Complete control of scheduling, banning or interrupting a poll if you need to. (4.4-stars from 411 reviews.)

OpinionStage Poll, survey, quiz

A premium plugin that offers a basic free version is always a good idea to try before forking over the money. The Starter plan is $19 per month, the small business plan is $65, and the Performance Plan, which is more for growing businesses and brands, is $199. “All paying plans support unlimited creation of fully responsive items (Polls, Quizzes, Surveys, Forms, Lists, Slideshows & Stories). Create from scratch or based on templates. Add the items to your website and social media or use our landing pages.”

Push Notifications

Link on how to add push notification on your WordPress site


The Free plan includes unlimited mobile & up to 30K web push subscribers. They Can have you up and running in under 15 minutes. Deliver over 4 billion messages a day for 700K developers.


Send push notifications to desktop and mobile—free demo on the website. Free Plugin. They offer free plans up to 3,000 subscribers.

  • Paid plans from $12 up to $69 depending on the size of your subscribers, each with a free trial.


Can send push notifications to subscribers who use Safari, Firefox, or Chrome. Free plan up to 3,000 subscribers Starter plan at $9 (free trial) Business plan $25 and Elite Plan $299 They provide a demo on their website.

PushEngage Web Push Notifications

Free plan up to 2,500 subscribers, 150 notifications per month, and 5,000-lifetime clicks. The business plan at $29, Premium $59, and contact them for pricing on their Enterprise Plan. Set up multiple campaigns, Drip Autoresponder, custom branding, 24/7 phone support, and more.


Quiz Cat

(plugin)- Free WordPress plugin, compatible with Gutenberg. You can create as many multiple-choice quizzes as you like.

QSM- Quiz And Survey Master

(plugin)  They have a simple builder you can use to create quizzes and surveys.  (Free)

WordPress Viral Quiz

(plugin) This is a premium plugin that requires a one-time payment. You can create personality and trivia quizzes.


(plugin) They offer a free and premium version: trivia quizzes, online exams, personality quizzes, surveys, and more.

Sales Funnel



A well-known company you have likely seen ads for helps you build and launch sales funnels for your business to create more leads and more sales.


Manage all your contacts, deals, emails, files, and more in one place.







Perfect for the small business

SEO Optimization, Monitoring, Security, and Content Mgt.

Add Vault Press 

Plugin to back up your website.


Grow traffic, research competitor, and research your niche: keyword research, backlink research, content, rank, and analytics.


 All in one reporting platform for agencies. Monitor and report on all of your client’s marketing campaigns in one place.

Offers Tools to monitor, audit, and improve local SEO.

“Free Web Site Monitoring. Monitor your website’s availability 24 hours a day, seven days a week with instant email alerts and weekly website performance statistics.”
Free Web Monitoring: Your Free Web Site Monitoring Service


Free and open content management system. CMS=provides capabilities for multiple users with different permission levels to manage (all or a section of) content, data, or website project or intranet application information.

Rank Math 

Rank Math is the best free tool I have used so far on my website. However, I always had to remove it due to some glitch. Nevertheless, it is a free plugin for writing SEO-friendly content and ranking higher in the Search Engines. I highly recommend you give it a try.


All in one marketing toolkit. Without paying a dime, you may use their free demo version, which is still very helpful in finding issues with your website and correcting them.


The free plugin, or you may sign-up for premium.


Premium website security and malware remover.


Plugin to back up your website, which offers free and premium versions.   


Free plugin for adding a rating system to your blog articles.

Sliders & Carousels

Meta Slider

Possibly the best free WordPress plugin for creating a slider on your website. Easy to use, and best of all, it’s free. They have upgraded versions, but the free version is very nice, so you will likely be happy going the free route.

Smart Slider 3

WordPress plugin, which also offers free and paid options.

Social Sharing, Chatbox, and Community

If you would like to see a list of some of the various social networks available, see our


If you like free stuff, this website is a good place to go. They offer a full suite of website tools like list builder, link promotion, and recommended posts, all for free.

AddToAny Share Buttons

Help people share your posts and pages to any Services include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Linked In, Tumblr, Reddit, WeChat, and over 100 more sharing and social media sites & apps. (Free WordPress Plugin)


They provide a way for you to add a Q&A community to your website.

They offer premium professional chat services for businesses. They also provide video, email, and automation services. You can request pricing on their website.

“display Instagram images, Facebook posts, Tweets, LinkedIn posts, and more on any digital service to increase time spent on site and drive conversions.” They offer a free 30-daY trial that requires no credit card to try. After that, pricing starts at $55 per month and includes two social feeds.

Formilla Live Chat

Live chat software for your website. Free 14 day trial with no credit card needed to get started. They also have a five-star rating.


Content collaboration and distribution offer services to improve your social media engagement.

  • Send content brief templates for your community to create photos and videos.
  • Enable your community to send you content at any time.
  • Solutions for sports, entertainment, and brands.


LiveChat Creates A live chat box for business websites.


Live Chat is a complete customer service platform for businesses. They have multiple plans to choose from. Their starter plan for small businesses and websites includes a 60-day chat history, basic widget configuration, ticketing system, and data security, to name a few. They offer a 14-day trial, and plans start at $16 annually or $19 monthly.


They provide live chat software and customer data tools for you to use on your website. Features include custom pre-chat forms, triggered messages, and offline messaging. And when you sign-up for their affordable plans, you get all of the features no matter your company or business size. Monthly plans starting at $19, yearly at $15, and a two-year plan at $12

Pure chat 

Free Live chat software, Unlimited Chats, Up to 3 operators for free, Powerful operator dashboard, Customizable widget, Native iOS & Android apps.

Paid plans starting at $39 per month.


They have a full range of services, including chats. They offer a free plan as well as several others. Choose the features you want or use the free service with an email designer, email template library, email personalization, SMS marketing, and Chat. Paid plans start at $25 per month.


Content Marketing Platform to help businesses grow and monetize audiences. They offer tools to help you share your content, increase page views and engagement, analyze performance, and generate revenue. Free to get started.

Shared Counts

Simple, free WordPress plugin for social sharing.

Share buttons, social plugins, and website tools.  GDPR compliance tool for WordPress, Google Analytics plugin, share buttons for Shopify, and much more, FREE!


Virtual phone system allowing you to run a business from a cell phone.


They provide live chats and chatbots software for your website. They offer a free plan plus several paid plans, which you can still try for free, starting at just $18 per month. Customize the solutions you need for your business.


plans for any size business and offer free trials on all of their products. Chats, Phone support, community forums are just a few of the services you will find here.

They believe in their products and services and back it up by offering customers free trials.

  • SocialRank
  • Social Warfare Plugin
  • Social Snaps
  • WP Social Sharing

Site Speed Checker

Site speed is a significant factor in Google Page Ranking. If your content is good but your website is slow, it hurts your rank. Also, we know how impatient we all can be with slow-loading websites. Typically, we just click out of it if the page is not fast. So make sure to check your speed often.

GTmetrix – how fast does your website load? Free to use and gives details and instructions on how to improve your site speed.

Other free websites to test your website speed:






WordPress Speedtest

Speed Optimization

Solarwinds Pingdom

Free website to test the speed of your website with detailed results and recommendations.

Google Optimize

Optimize is natively integrated with Google Analytics so that once you have signed up for google analytics, you should have access to their free website speed tester. Below is the link to add the extension to chrome. The Optimize extension helps you test and personalize your site with Google Optimize.

Speed Booster Pack

A free plugin has worked flawlessly on my site and increased the speed to the top of the charts.

WP Optimizer Plugin

This is a great plugin I have recently started using. It will clean your database and increase overall speed. I am using the free version, and they also have a premium version.


 Premium WordPress plugin to increase your website speed and performance.

Statistics for Copy Infogrames

Going to these websites can become addictive, and you may lose track of time looking up stats. This author claims no responsibility for loss of productivity or time. But it is fun)


A Global business data platform.

Facts, numbers, science, health, famous, books, society and culture, Tech, ESL, and What is Categories.


Here you can search the world’s largest statistic database for free or sign up for a paid plan that provides more detailed information and tools.

Google Public Data

World development indicators, public data, unemployment rates, etc.

Gap Minder

“Gapminder produces free teaching resources making the world understandable based on reliable statistics.

Gapminder promotes a fact-based worldview everyone can understand.”

USA.GOV Reference Center 

Data and statistics about the United States.


American analytics and advisory company based in Washington, D.C., is well known for its public opinion polls.

Nation Master

“Access to market sizing and trends across 300 industry verticals and global coverage.”



A nice collection of over 47,400 templates created by developers and web designers from all around the world.

Thrive Themes

They are a WordPress tool company offering themes, plugins, landing pages, and more.


Search Engine Optimized themes using the Genesis Framework for building your website.



I signed up for free and now have access to free themes and tools for WordPress. As with most, they have a premium offer, but they give you a lot for free, and there is no obligation to buy anything. So check them out, especially if you are on a tight budget.



This website has plugins, tools, training, WordPress website hosting, and more. You can purchase an unlimited license and bundle multiple premium WordPress plugins for your site, including Landing pages, content upgrades, Backup Buddy, and iThemes Security Pro, and save a bunch of money. If the Plugin Suite deal is not enough, you can bundle everything they make at iThemes into one bundle, including 200 WordPress Themes, an unlimited license of all their plugins, and over 900 hours of web design training.

Trademark & Pattens

Uspto – the United States Patent and Trademark Office 

You can check to make sure the website name you choose is not already being used and protect and trademark your brand.

Traffic and Ads


Advertising network


AirPush is one of the largest Mobile Advertising and App Monetization Platforms. Push notification ads, banners, videos, and abstract banners.


Paid traffic. A quick way to get some traffic to your website. Plans starting at around $49,00.

Advertising and Marketing network. Their pitch is that you will get unique, real, and targeted traffic to your website.


Paid traffic to your website for $0.01 per visitor

Facebook Ads

They are constantly changing things, so if you have not been there in a while, you will have to familiarize yourself with how things are run. However, it’s still a great place to advertise, and they keep adding more tools to help you get better results. You can Taylor your ad campaign in great detail, but it`s still relatively simple to use.

Google Ads

Your paid ad shows up when people search on Google for what you offer if you have noticed that many of the items listed on the first page of a search are likely not rankings but paid advertisements placed in front of the search results.


Located in India, they are a mobile marketing and advertising platform. Targeted traffic on mobile devices with text, banners, or videos. They have 209 Audience Categories.


paid traffic. Choose your plan starting at 5,000 visitors sent directly to your website for $19.99 per month, up to 100,000 visitors for $339.99 per month.


Native Ad platform. Create an ad, choose from 30+ targeting options, show your ads on premium publisher sites. Founded in 2006 and headquartered in New York City.

Simple Traffic

This paid traffic service offers real traffic sent from their websites, so no fake bot visitors. They are offering a 5day trial which is 2,500 free visitors to your website. After the trial, you get 500 per day for $15 per month. That, to me, is a fantastic offer. They have many packages you can purchase up to 600k visitors a month. 


Solo ads vendor. They provide a list of quality opt-in lists for those who already have a mailing list and are willing to add your advertising to their campaigns.

Of course, it costs money, but it is one way to drive traffic and potential profits to your website and offers.


Ad-swap solo-ad service is automated in that they track all of your opt-ins and sales for you. If you are considering solo-ads, you want to make sure you get what you pay for. When it comes to advertising, creating a safe investment with something new is a good idea instead of a shot in the dark.


In-app mobile advertising for developers and publishers. 


Tonic Ads offers Domain, Pop-up, and Display traffic. Both mobile and desktop. Advertisers can buy traffic, and Publishers can sell traffic.

Ultimate Web Traffic

All 50 U.S. states (120-plus categories)- 60-plus countries (400-plus categories)


Paid social media advertising service.


Wordstream is an online advertising company that can help you turn visitors into customers, help with your Google. Bing, and Facebook ad campaigns, help scale your business and manage your advertising.


Self-serve advertising platform for your performance marketing campaigns. They offer four formats; In-App Native, PopPush, Notifications, and Domain Redirect.

VPN – Virtual Private Network

A virtual private network extends a private network across a public network. It enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network. (Wikipedia)


 This is not an actual VPN network, but the place I suggest will compare VPN networks and learn more about internet privacy. Their team of writers consists of online privacy experts and enthusiasts dedicated to online privacy education. You can learn about Facebook privacy, Secure passwords, and how to disable cookies. And, of course, they have extensive, detailed reviews along with the education you will ever need about a VPN. They have a very technical and full review of the same company I am affiliated with below. They test everything, and their reviews are honest and fair. Pure VPN did very well.

Pure VPN 


Best VPN Service

If you are looking for a VPN provider, then this is the one I am affiliated with. They are one of the largest, have above-average speed, are available in over 30 countries, provide good security, and have excellent Netflix access, which many do not.

Website and Blog Submissions

There are thousands of website directories and search engines to submit your website, store, or blog. Many are free, and submitting your blog or URL to ten or so a month is a free and smart way to advertise your business. Some of the directories may take a considerable amount of time before they list your business, as they have to review each one. The best time to get started is now. Why wait?

I Have now Created A directory just for this. I will leave these here, and if you want to see more, just check out the directory for website and blog submissions :


Browse or submit your blog for free to their over 147,000 active and moderated blog listings.

You can submit your blog website to their directory in exchange for your email address, for which they will you a newsletter.


Website submissions and much more.

Ezine Articles

Submit your articles for more exposure, creditability, and traffic. Who doesn’t want more of this, right?  Free and easy to sign up.

FWS- Free Web Submissions

Possibly the most effortless website submission process there is. All you have to do is verify your email, and they submit your website to around 20 or so search engines.

In exchange for this, they will add you to their newsletter mailing list.

They will submit your URL to 70+ top search engines for FREE. (no strings attached)

Submit Express Local SEO

Website Hosting



Website Hosting & Builders Directory

Wealthy Affiliate 

  • This is my website, Host of Choice, where my domain and website are located. I highly recommend you check them out first.

Link to create account 

Website Reviews

Better Business Bureau

The standard for business in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Help find good business and has a rating system to identify companies who have had complaints or lousy business practices. They are one company whose ranking system carries many weight in the business world, good or bad.

Awesome tool for checking any website. Type in the URL, and instantly you get a full-page report about the site. From operation and health to value- Free service, so give it a try.

Find reviews of businesses, and you can leave reviews after purchase. Get information from other consumers as well as from the business.

You may request reviews for your website, and once posted, other viewers can review your site.

So far, they have reviewed over 100,000 businesses.


They have 233,000 software reviews & ratings from 100% verified users. This is a good place to check out what other people have to say about their experience before making your decision.

Website Translation


Point and click set-up with no coding required.


They offer modern technology to translate any website to any language. Their free plan includes 1 language, 2,500 translated words, 10,000 monthly page views, and basic machine translation. Their basic monthly plan includes 5 languages,100,000 translated words,100,000 monthly page views, neural machine translation, and premium support and costs $19.99 monthly. Also, they have a pro, pro-plus, and enterprise plan.

What is that?


Merchant or retailer that sells products or services accepts payments and fills orders.


A graphic image that identifies or represents a user profile.

Back End

Authorized area for creating and modifying content on a website.


Compiled computer programs.


List of links to various blogs or news sites. It is often rolled by a service that tracks updates for each site on the list. 


Favelet, A “faux” bookmark, contains script code that allows the user to perform a function.


A type of automated system or software that accesses your links (can be a legit search engine or malicious content scraper or script used to generate fake links.)


 A series of actions that show users how to use WordPress.


 Many hosting providers’ web-based administration tool allows users to configure their accounts with an easy-to-use interface.

Dedicated Hosting

For sites requiring a more significant amount of server resources. One website=one server. These cost more, and you usually must handle your technical issues. 


The element of HTML makes a section of text.


Is a complete programmer who is actively creating, modifying, and updating a software project.


An Affiliate is an independent or sole proprietor that promotes products and services of advertisers and receives commissions based on the specific terms of the arrangement.

RSS Feed

This is up-to-date information or lists of notifications that a website delivers to its subscribers. It consolidates information sources in one place and provides updates when a website adds new content.

Shared Hosting

It is the most basic form of hosting where multiple websites share a physical web server.

Solo Ads 

You pay someone who has a large email list to include your ad when sending out emails to their opt-in list.


Unique identifiers to add to each tracking link to track multiple things using one list.


It is the most used control panel in the world.

Deep Links

A link to a specific page or content within another website ( a regular link would just link the website)

Sub-Affiliate Networks

Companies that offer services to bloggers and website owners make it easier for them to monetize their businesses. The network creates a deal with the brand, and the affiliates sign up to the system without signing up and being accepted by the specific brand. Instead, they promote the brand in their blog or site and are paid through the network. Typically, at a lower commission than other affiliate offers, but is also a way to promote brands that you may not be able to sign up with any other way.

VPS Hosting

It is similar to shared hosting in that there are multiple sites on one server. However, there are far fewer sites with VPS, each having its resources compared with shared plans where the community uses resources.

Writing and Content


Content Marketing. They teach how to create quality online content that attracts attention to your website and business.

Created by a single blogger who knows the frustrations and how to get where you want to be.

They offer free and paid courses, and I recommend reading some of their posts and gaining knowledge.


Plagiarism checker. Even an accidental case of plagiarism could result in serious legal issues.


Best Grammar and punctuation tool around. This company is the best because of emails, school papers, documents, and anything to do with words.

They offer a  free service as well as a paid upgrade.

I used the free one for months but have benefited a great deal more by signing up for the premium.


The #1 Writing Tool


Content review tool that helps you to simplify your content.

Not Just Another List

There are so many tools available today for home businesses that were searching the massive web matrix can often leave us confused and thinking that it is impossible to know what to do.

Affiliate marketing tools for beginners are valuable for quick reference without looking through dozens of places to understand something.

In the same way, it can benefit more seasoned marketers in that there are so many tools available that no one has seen or heard of them all.

That Is why I created this Affiliate Marketing Directory of Tools.

Do You Need A Directory?

affiliate marketing directory of tools
I know you can relate to this image! If not, wait. 

Affiliates need tools and resources in the competitive world of marketing today, so how do we know what tools we need? And how can we find out what is even available when the information is scattered everywhere?

I know that starting was frustrating as I looked for various services and tools and often spent a lot of time doing so.

While this list is small, I am trying to ensure there are tools for many different areas of need when working from home on a computer.

I will update the list often and keep descriptions small and to the point of the companies listed here.

Affiliate Marketing, along with other online businesses, requires us to understand and use various tools.

What Makes This Any Different?

You can find many top-ten and top-five lists all over the web for just about anything you want.

However, the listings often contain only products or services that a particular website is affiliated with and earn commissions.

And if there are two thousand choices, do you only want to know five of them?

It may very well be that the best fit for you is not on that list. Not because a business is not in the top-five or top-ten firms for that particular service, but because they have no affiliation with other websites.

This list is all that you see. There is nothing wrong with it, and many of these lists are very informative and can quickly get you to a provider for whatever you want.

While this is entirely understandable, and no one has a complete list of everything available, finding the best tool for you is what is most important.

I have my top five lists, but I also have directories in which more than 95% of the listings are for companies with no affiliation.

When searching for something on a Search Engine, you may get back 456,000 results on the keyword you typed in the search box.

Most people only look at the top one or two listed, and those are now paid ads that are put in front of the most relevant results of your search.

However, when you are in a hurry or just from habit, your eyes look at the first listing and assume that is the number one result when that was most likely a paid advertisement.

Google continuously changing the rules of the game. However, if you figure them out, line up with the stars just right, and rank high in the search results, you still may not make the first page due to the paid ads.

After all, they have to eat, right?

IT DOES NOT MAKE THEM THE BEST COMPANY for what you need. So when your search results are displayed, just pay attention. Perhaps the site with the paid ad is the best choice for you, and if so, great! Just know what you are looking at.

Here is an example of how a search result looks. On this one, I added the Ad where identifies what type of effect you are seeing. And while there seems to be more and more of these taking up the top spots, they can be mixed into the results and not only on the top.

About 14,100,000 results (0.55 seconds)

Ad                                                                                                    Directory For Custom Closets – › custom-closet-directory
Dec 16, 2019 – Welcome to the best Custom Closet Directory on the web. Here you can find many of the very best websites offering closet solutions as well.

There are thousands of excellent companies in every business area. Yet, they do not appear in search results for their lack of SEO conformability or money to pay for expensive ads.

Many of these companies are far better than what pop’s up in the search results.

However, we are all conditioned to think otherwise and assume what we see must be the best. Sometimes this is true but not always the case.

Google and social media continue to manipulate and try to control what we see in the search results. If you do not believe me, stand next to someone, type in a search, and see the different results.

Use It To Find What You Need

I have affiliations with companies for which I mark “affiliate.” It merely means that if you choose to visit the site through my link, I may receive a commission if you make a purchase.

It costs you nothing extra, and you are never obligated to buy or sign up for anything.

Make sure you also check out these directories here at and make the most of the resources available to you for free:

Search Engines And Directories A-Z

Affiliate Marketing Directory

Website Hosting & Builders Directory

Health And Fitness Affiliate Marketing Programs



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  1. Awesome list!! Very clean and organized, makes sense after seeing the site name 🙂

    This is a great list filled with some really good sites. I already use quite a few of the sites that you have listed so I am excited to check out a few of the other ones to see how they will be able to help me out in the future. Definitely saving for future reference, thanks!!

  2. Neatfreaker has quite a well laid down marketing contents that I believe can easily convince anyone..My own opinion is that I believe it would do them more good if they could just break down some of its trade lines into little understandable contents to enable easy and quicker understanding of its market lines.

  3. Wow! This is a very comprehensive list of affiliate marketing tools, coming in very handy. Its amazing that the affiliate world has such rich easy to use resources that makes the journey easy. I really find snappa and canva very indispensable for the rich collection of images that really catch attention and delivers that professional look to a website. The fact that you can also get reviews for your websites from sitejabber is a game changer. I also find rank math very very helpful in creating my contents as it makes my SEO goals and ranking very very easy. For anyone interested in succeeding online this tools directory is a must have. Your observations about google and the placement of paid ads at the top of the search list has been a point of discussion with my team and we figure out that it also helps to place paid ads at intervals to boost the chances of organic traffic. Thanks for creating this directory you have just made my day 

  4. This is really a good site and described with useful content. That is really helpful for managing systems. Here you described with few sites with links that will help me also in my future stages if I do any work in organization or business too and will help to overcome many problems. Thank you for your nice post.

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  7. Hey, thanks for this awesome list.

    I’ve been looking for an email marketing service and come across your article. I am a complete newbie to internet marketing but I’m told email marketing is one of the best ways to go. I hear Aweber is probably the best but wanted to hear your take on it? All tips will be much appreciated!

    1. Brandon,

      Thanks for your comments and yes, creating an email list is important. I am actually a member and an affiliate of Aweber and they are amazing. They are committed to training and helping people with building lists, landing pages and much more. I suggest that you give them a try. You will find them to be very helpful and being a beginner, the training and support they provide will be all you need to get rolling.

      Best of luck with your website and business,


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