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Part of the Design group originating in 2001 in high-end modern lighting added Lumens Light and Living, founded in 2004, and YLiving in 2009.

They offer a quality, high-end modern style for the home. My favorite takeaway from their site was the style throughout their product selections, which touch a wide variety of categories. In particular, I thought they had a unique and eye-catching assortment of bookcases and shelves in the organization.

Under their living category in the top menu and the large drop-down, if you look to the right under media+storage, they have bookcases and wall shelves tab where one of their originals is the Eames storage units. Wow, was that impressive! The colors and design were one of a kind.

There is no cheap particle board furniture here, and you won’t find what they offer in your local Walmart. Perfect site for the higher-end shopper looking for a unique, modern feel where high quality is a given.

The first thing I read on their website made me like them immediately. As I have felt, they see the standard closet as something that doesn’t work well or gives us much to use all the space and store all the different things one might need to put in the closet.

Their products are designed and built-in Pennsylvania, where the owner and founder Greg Ahart has 30 years in the cabinet-making business. They have good reviews from customers, and even more appealing is that he spent the time and effort to come up with his unique system and has designed it in such a way as to accommodate reach-in, walk-ins, and pantries, to name a few.

His design was patented and trademarked in 2015, so you won’t find his work identical to anyone else`s. They service the greater Philadelphia area currently and have some very nice wall-mounted closets in their website gallery.

Buying a custom closet is one thing. Installing it is quite another. It appears that these guys get that and while it’s not a pull out of the box, snap your fingers, and your all set. Their system is designed to keep the installation process simple so that you don’t have to be a carpenter to install one once you get it.

Their main showroom is in Duluth, Minnesota but has over 20 states with stores or approved contractors.

They have some neat designs and a design tool on their site, so make sure you know the measurements of your closet if building your own is something that interests you. If not, no worries, they do offer pre-designed closets as well.

They can make the large walk-in closets and smaller and closets and shelving for other areas of the home.

Chances are you have seen their work at some point as they have placed their products now in over 10,000 major retail stores in the United States. Their typical closet is 12′ high, but that is for the commercial customer, and they scale it down a bit for homes.

They come by way of Lundia products manufactured in the United States for over 50 years. One of the more polished and refined presentations I have seen on a website is offering custom closets and a very different design from others. They have a design tool to make your own, but my favorite thing about them is they use real wood, which makes their products sturdy, solid, and should last a lifetime.

Ok, that was my second favorite thing because, by far, my favorite is their sliding closets. I know it sounds crazy, but you may need to see them for yourself. Very cool concept and big space saver that features a full-length standing closet with a two-track floor system where two more sections can slide back and forth on the track and be designed for what you need.

If you have a bunch of shoes, this is a great closet as they can make one or both of the sliding closet pieces for them. Looks nice as well.

Founder and CEO Greg Finnery began his modern furniture, lighting, and home accessories retail business in 2003. His company is located in San Francisco, California, and seems to have a very unique, clean look to the products they sell.

Now, I will tell you that this isn’t for you if you are looking for yard sales or flea market prices. They sell high-quality items from designers with a passion for being something you could use and looking good for a lifetime.

They have furniture not only for the living room and master bedrooms, but they also have dressers, cribs, bookcases, and a host of other items for your baby or older kids.

I liked their Happy Day Shelving by Blu Dot. A combination of white oak and metal block, I thought, was something that would make any room look good.

I realize that some do not like the modern look, and I get that. You might want to check out what they have anyway, they offer a unique variety, and you may just be surprised.

Beginning in 2015, their belief that everyone should be able to have a top-of-the-line closet at an affordable price continues as they have worked to simplify and standardize the custom closet concept.

They have a modern and simple system that is very user-friendly when putting together. 10 minutes and a screwdriver is all they claim you will need.

They ship each module separately to ensure that you get the pieces you ordered, and at the same time, your order isn’t broken to pieces. I must entertain myself, so my apologies.

Solid Birch in the drawers and 3/4″ top quality plywood, you can design your closet on their website or choose from one of their pre-designed closets that feature selections from 9 different width closets.

They claim that they have one of the most sturdy, well-built closets in the industry and while many may claim that, these guys guarantee it. 

Monthly payment plans available and can ship the next day.

Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, the name of their company is Custom Closet Systems, Inc., and offers both wall and floor-mounted closets.

Full walk-in custom closets, as well as reach-in closets made from various woods such as oak, cherry, and maple. They also have choices in color and finish with various styles depending on your taste.

They not only offer custom closets but also offer solutions for your pantry, laundry room, home office, and entertainment center.

They are a local company and send out their reps to your home to design with you, take the measurements, and install the products when ready.



“There is no space like home.”


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