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Neatfreaker was created to help and guide anyone looking to have a better-organized home, better storage, or simply someone looking to add furniture to improve the look and functionality of their living space.

It has since evolved into a focus on creating various website directories while blogging, giving helpful tips, and talking about things that matter the most to me.

While there are many places you can go to find the various topics I just described, I am looking to have a complete and detailed listing of all relevant websites from around the world here at your fingertips so that you can decide which one best suits your needs.

While there may be more sophisticated and fancy directories that offer many bells and whistles that some may want, this site will forego those practices and keep things simple and free for everyone to use.


At neatfreaker.com, you will get no generically imported listing of businesses to make my site seem legit or valuable. I create value by doing the work, and I look at every website I post and give short, concise, valuable information for you to decide where to go.


There is no cost to search and visit any site listed in the directories that you want. Click on the provided URL and be on your way if you like.

If a link is an affiliate link, it simply means I may receive a commission from that advertiser if you make a purchase. This comes at no additional cost to you. These links are marked as such for your information.

I hope you find this website useful, and I will continue to add to and update the lists on this site.


I have never been a businessman or exceptional at selling or convincing others of what I want. I always preferred to give something as opposed to selling it. I know, a great way to be poor. 

But not really. Everyone does not have the same talents or gifts, and not everyone will be a great salesman or find their calling among the world’s merchants.

While my late mother and both of my grandfathers were exceptional at business, none of it rubbed off me. And of course, my son is good at it too. 

So, what I have, I freely give to you. My experiences, faith in Christ, and work bring good directories to find what you need. There is an occasion where I could make commissions off of advertisers, but it is not what many people think in terms of profit. 

So, I move forward in hopes that others benefit, learn, find what they are looking for, discover something new, and most importantly, find Jesus!

have a blessed day

Read more about my start in Affiliate Marketing here:

The Affiliate Marketing Matrix

Update 2021: I was away due to illness for most of 2020, but I am back and working on the website again. I also have a new website if you have time and want to check it out. Here it is...speakuptm.com




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